What is Instagram and How to Use It?

What is Instagram and How to Use It?

Hello friends, today through this article we are going to tell you about this social media platform. There would hardly be such a person in today’s time. Who would not know about it? Whoever’s mobile you see, this app is found on everyone’s mobile. We are going to tell you about Instagram. Through this article, we will tell you in detail about Instagram, what is Instagram, and what is the use of Instagram.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing app, available for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. Upload your own photos or videos to Office and share them with your followers or select friends.

Simply put, Instagram is a social media platform where you can share your photos and videos. Instagram is one of the most popular online photo-sharing platforms.

When and Who Created Instagram?

Instagram was launched in the year 2010 in San Francisco. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger with the sole purpose of sharing photos.

But today you can also share videos on Instagram which also provides the facility of Direct Messaging. In the year 2012, Instagram was completely bought by Facebook.

In recent times, you will find many such features on Instagram which were not there before. Also now you will find many types of filters in it.

How to Run Instagram?

First of all, you have to create your account on Instagram, if you have a Facebook account then you can do a direct Sign Up through that.

After signing up, set up your profile properly. If you want, you can keep the profile completely private. If your profile remains private then people cannot follow you directly, they will have to send a request first and then you will approve it. Only after that, they will be able to see your photos.

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  • You can follow your friends, family members, celebrities, favorite personalities, etc. so that you can see them all when they share a pic.
  • You can also share videos on Instagram, but there is a limit to sharing videos how long videos you are sharing.
  • You can go to your profile and see how many followers you have and how many you have followed. Next, I will tell you how you can increase your followers on Instagram.

How to Get Likes on Instagram?

After sharing a photo on Instagram, double tapping on it becomes like. On double tapping, there is a big Heart Shaped Icon shown on the photo, which means that the photo has been liked.

Likes Count is written below the same photo, how many people have liked it. You can like it even after sharing the video, but the Like Count is not visible on the video, but the Views Count shows how many people have played that video.

How to Comment on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app and make sure your Instagram profile is logged in.

  • Now search for any photo of your choice.
  • Now click on the Comment button, the Comment button is just below the Photo or Video.
  • Now type the comment you want to make and enter it, just your comment will be published.

What is Instagram Direct Message?

  • Login to Instagram with your Id.
  • Now double-tap on the photo of your choice, and you will be liked.
  • You can see the likes count below the photo.

Earlier this feature was not available on Instagram, later the company made this feature available to its users. You can also chat with your friends with the help of Instagram.

How to Share Stories on Instagram?

Insta Stories is a very amazing feature, with the help of this feature you can share photos related to your lifestyle on your profile.

By applying Instagram Stories, your followers increase. Next, you will know why Instagram Stories should be shared.

How to Run Instagram?

Android users can install the Instagram application from the Google Play Store and iOS users from the App Store. You can also run Instagram by going to Instagram.com.

After downloading the Instagram app on your mobile, open it and create an account with your email ID like Facebook. After that, you can start using it.

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It is very easy to operate, just for this, you have to open its app, go to its website and upload your photo or video by clicking on the plus icon.

How to Increase likes and Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform and millions of people are active on it daily. If we talk about India alone, then in January 2022, the number of Insta users is more than 80 million.

On this platform, 1 billion people are monthly active all over the world, so you can guess from this how popular it is.
Everyone wants their profile to have lots of followers. But you do not know how to increase your followers on Instagram. That is why we will tell you in this article how you will increase your followers.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram?

Everyone wants to have more and more followers on Instagram, but it is not that easy either. In this article, we are telling you some ways to increase your Instagram followers, so that you will be able to increase your followers to a great extent.

We will tell you many ways to increase followers on your Instagram account, you must try all those methods once and if you have any problem then ask by commenting below.

Post Unique Content

Post content that is different, that is the best, that makes people go wow. If you are going to upload your own photo, then take special care that your photo should be good, how you are wearing clothes in that photo, how is the background, camera should be good etc. This will draw people’s attention toward you.

Use the Right Hashtags

Correct use of hashtags gives a lot of Public Engagement to your photos and videos. Keep these things in mind before using Hashtags.

  • Avoid using Hashtags with long keywords. eg: #naturalphotographer instead of such hashtags use #nature #photography Hashtags like this.
  • Use the right number of Hashtags.
  • Use Popular Hashtags. The more popular the Hashtag, the more likes you will get.

Use Hashtags in Your Stories

Use hashtags in stories and also use hashtags in your bio. Although not many people come by using hashtags in stories or in bio, but still there is some benefit.

Write a great caption

The better the caption you write, the more people will like you. The caption expresses your thoughts, if your thoughts are right then people will become your fans. It is also necessary to have a relation between the Caption and the Photo or Video that has been uploaded. It is not that you upload the photo of the party and write the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda in the caption.

Geotag the Location

Make sure to tag the location while uploading the photo, it is very beneficial, suppose you went to visit Ladakh and took a photo there and when you upload this photo, then definitely add the location to it, this will make it so that when any person If you search by writing Ladakh on Instagram, then your photo will also appear in the post results, then people will see it and if they like it, they will also like it.

Regular Photo/Video Share

If you want to increase the likes on the photos and videos shared by yourself, then post regular photos or videos, this will increase the Public Engagement of your posts and will also bring a lot of likes.

While sharing photos or videos, also keep in mind at what time your photo or video gets maximum likes. Generally, everyone gets maximum likes in the evening time.

Like and Comment on Others’ Posts

By liking and commenting on others’ posts, likes on our posts increase and followers also increase. The more you like and comment on other’s posts, the more your followers and likes will increase, because when you comment or like on someone’s photo, the notification goes to that person and will definitely open your profile. (I am not talking about celebrities here) and there are many chances that he will like your photos too.

Pro Tip:

Open the profile of a known person and like his 10-12 photos, you will see the result yourself, no need to tell me.

Post According to the Mindset of Your Followers

Share posts you like with your followers to see how your followers like photos or videos. And the comments made on your posts will help you in this work. Make the content exactly like your followers so that your likes can increase.

Open the Profile of Your Followers and See

Why I am telling you to see the profile of your followers, it is because it will be easy for you to understand your followers, and you will know what kind of content your followers share, so in this way you can do more for your followers. Will also be able to provide good material.

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By Getting Run Paid ADS

You can run advertisements for your profile, this will bring a lot of people to your profile and follow your profile.

How to Increase Likes on Instagram

Here we will tell you some ways to increase likes on your posts on Instagram. With this, you will be able to easily increase the number of likes on your photo.

The more posts a person likes, the more popular he becomes on Instagram. So who would not feel like increasing the Count of Likes on their posts? Likes also increase with all the methods we have mentioned above, but still, there are some ways for you by which you can increase likes on your posts.

Click High-Quality Photo

Yes, Instagram is such a platform where everyone shares photos, so in such a situation, you have to click your photo best, for this it is very important for photos to be in high quality, only then people will see and like your photos.

Use Consistent Filter

Always use one or two filters that you like for yourself, this will create branding for you among your followers and whenever they are scrolling through their feed, they will be able to recognize your posts and likes on your photos. The chances increase a lot.

Share Insta photos on Facebook

Link your Instagram account with your Facebook account and while sharing photos on Instagram, also Share To Facebook, this will let your Facebook friends know that you are on Instagram and they will like and follow your photos on Instagram.

Use Popular Hashtags

I have explained the advantages of using Hashtags above and also told how to use hashtags, as followers increase with the use of the right Hashtag, in the same way, Likes also increase on your posts.

Tag Location

Do not forget to tag the location while uploading the photo. Tagging the location increases the likes on your photo. Uploaded a photo of yours in which you entered the location of Mumbai and now when someone else searches Mumbai on their Instagram, your photo will also appear in the search result.

How to Protect Instagram Account from Hacking

Keeping your social media account secure is a big challenge for the common man but it is good if you are careful in advance. There is a saying in English ‘Prevention is better than cure’ which means that if you are already careful then no one will be able to hack your account and you will not have to worry again and again.

1. Enable Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is the best way to keep yourself secure, in this way even if someone knows your username and password, they will not be able to login. You can enable Two-Step Verification by going to your Instagram settings.

2. Always Change Your Instagram Account Password

By always changing the password of your Instagram ID, no one will be able to hack your profile. The password must be changed once in two months.

3. Keep the Instagram account password separate from all social media accounts

Often people have a habit of using the same password everywhere, if you are also among them then stop and stop doing such things.

Because if someone sees your password at one place, then he will hack all your social media accounts, and your Instagram will also be hacked and then he can misuse your Insta ID.

4. Do Not Click Any Unknown Links

Most of all, if a social media account is hacked by any method, then it is this. Hackers hack your account by creating fake links. So keep in mind that never click any unknown link, and even if you click it, do not login if asked to login. If you login on to all of them even once then your account may get hacked.

5. Always logout

Many people have a habit that they log in to their accounts everywhere but forget to log out. If you do this then you should change this habit because your account is not secure, anyone can access your account and misuse your account.


Friends, I hope that by reading this article of ours, you people must have got deep information about Instagram. If you have got the right information by reading our article. So don’t forget to share our article with your friends. If you want to know anything else related to Instagram. So you can ask by commenting in the comment section. Stay connected with us to read such informative articles. We will keep writing about such new technology. Thank you very much for reading our article!

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