How to Ensure the Quality of Mobile App Development?

How to Ensure the Quality of Mobile App Development

Smartphones have become a very significant part of our lives. Today, people do not use mobile for just calling but they use them for doing various things. For example, they use it for ordering food online, shopping, watching videos & movies, and many other things using apps. As a result, the demand for mobile apps has been growing at a rapid pace in the market. Every business is considering the use of apps for connecting with their customers and serving them better. However, developing quality apps is not as easy as it may sound.

Why? Because users expect apps to deliver phenomenal user experience to them and this task is not that easy. This puts immense pressure on developers and businesses to develop quality apps. In simple words, developing quality apps is not a kid’s play. However, there are a few things that can be done to ensure the quality of apps during development. So, without any further due let us learn about these things or tactics in detail.

Why Do People Hate Low-Quality Mobile Apps?

People hate low-quality apps for tons of different reasons. For example, low-quality apps crash while users use them. Besides this, these apps can freeze and have high battery usage. All this ultimately develops frustration among users. As a result, they uninstall the app from their mobile device without giving any second thought to it.

How to Ensure the Development of Quality Mobile Apps?

Developing quality apps is not as hard as it may sound. There are various quality assurance tactics that businesses can use to ensure quality mobile app development. Here are the things that you can do to ensure quality mobile app development.

1. Establish Quality Stands During the Preparation Phase

The preparation phase is a key phase of the app development lifecycle. It is the phase that sets the stage for the development of the app. During this stage business holders must clearly define their requirements and the features that they require in their apps. Besides this, they must clearly define the security requirements of the app to ensure quality and secure app development from start to finish. Once all the requirements and quality standards are set developing quality apps becomes super easy for developers.

2. Focus on the App Quality Design Phase

The primary objective of mobile apps is to help businesses grow and serve their customers. This is why many businesses tend to pay less emphasis on its design and look. But this can have a huge impact on the quality as well as the success of the app among customers. Why? Because many people relate app design with app quality. Thus, if the app does not look attractive then they may not engage with it. So, it’s extremely important for businesses to give emphasis on the design of the app during the design phase.

3. Plan Development Phase

Planning and documenting the development stage of the app can help you a lot in ensuring quality mobile app development. During the development stage, the developer writes codes for the app. After this, these codes are tested by testers to ensure the app is bug and error-free. This process continues till the code of the app becomes bug-free. By planning and documenting the development phase you can easily ensure the quality of your app. Moreover, you can ensure that nothing is left out during the development of the app.

A properly planned and documented development stages of the application ensures overall mobile app quality. In the development stage of a mobile app, the developer writes the codes. These codes are then tested by another team that looks into errors in the code. By continuous testing, the team makes the code bug free.

4. Frequent Testing

By opting for frequent testing of the app businesses can effortlessly ensure quality mobile app development. Besides this, documenting all tests is also very important and may help in rectifying errors in the future. Another thing that can be done to ensure app quality is the use of real devices for testing. Why? Because by using real devices you can get much more accurate tests during testing of the app. Additionally, make sure to use suitable testing tools during testing different types of mobile apps like Android apps and iOS apps. Why? Because not all testing tools are suitable for testing different types of mobile apps.

5. Automation Testing

Using only manual testing to ensure the security & quality of the app might not be the best approach. Why? Because manual testing can stall the progress of the development process. Especially during the last stages of the app development cycle. Moreover, there is also a great probability that many security bugs might escape the tester’s radar. As a result, the app might face many issues after the launch. However, by using automation testing you can easily conduct highly accurate tests of the mobile app. Additionally, automation testing tools can easily identify hidden bugs in the app. In other words, incorporating automation testing in the testing process is a must for quality mobile app development.

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6. Work on Feedback and Reviews

Feedback and reviews from app users are very important for quality mobile app development. However, it comes to businesses only after the initial launch of the app. Using the data received from end users businesses can easily identify key pain areas of the app. Furthermore, with this data, they can make the next version of the app better for users. So, any business that wants to ensure quality app development should not ignore the feedback/reviews it receives from the end users.


Developing quality apps whether for mobile or desktop is not an easy task. This is why many businesses prefer to hire competent developers who are highly expert in their work. But if you follow the above quality assurance tactics then you can easily develop quality apps for your business. So, if you seek to develop quality apps for your business then make sure you keep in mind the above-discussed quality assurance tactics. If you follow the above guidelines, you can easily develop a top-notch app for your business.

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