What is the Salary of a B. Tech AI Data Science Engineer?

B. Tech AI Data Science Engineer

Salary of a B. Tech AI Data Science Engineer: Are you looking for concepts related to artificial intelligence in B. Tech? Is it significantly influencing how students will grow in the future? If so, you are correct in that artificial intelligence has a significant impact on students’ lives. As everyone knows, artificial intelligence is changing our daily lives and enabling the future. You are unknowingly utilizing AI-enabled technologies whether it be for face recognition or to hire a taxi on Uber or Ola. These days, AI technology is used by all organizations to streamline business processes.¬†

AI offers students a variety of options to create, develop, and construct future goods. The launch of the new B. Tech AI and Data Science programs will take place in our educational system. In India, data scientists and B. Tech in AI earn an average of 10.0 lakhs per year, with incomes ranging from 4.0 lakhs to 37.9 lakhs. 211 most recent graduates from the top universities offering a B. Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science were used to calculate the average compensation for DS and AI Data Science engineers.

Let’s have a look at what AI Data Science engineers do in the below article. 

What do you understand by AI Data Science Engineer?

AI Data Science engineers are computer science professionals who have finished their studies at B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges and who employ machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to construct practical AI-based solutions. They provide artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for businesses that increase productivity, cut expenses, increase revenues, and provide insights for critical business choices.  

You have likely come across some AI Data Science engineering applications in your daily life. These include image processing on your smartphone, Netflix and Amazon recommendations, and autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence in B Tech finds significant use in the healthcare sector, where it aids physicians in diagnosing and treating patients, as well as in carrying out difficult surgical procedures. 

A B. Tech artificial intelligence and data science is typical for graduates with post-graduate degrees in computer science, who are also known as AI Data Science engineers. If you select the essential abilities from online courses that can teach you the procedures to become an AI Data Science engineer, being an AI Data Science engineer may be achieved quickly.

What is the work of an AI Data Science engineer?

AI Data Science engineers develop artificial intelligence models that replicate human intellect through problem-solving and iterative learning. These models may learn and become more efficient since they are trained on a large amount of data. The upkeep, operation, and monitoring of the model are the duties of an AI Data Science engineer, who studies at the best B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges.

To perform well in their roles, AI Data Science engineers who graduated from Top Engineering Colleges in Delhi require a certain set of excellent talents. Programming knowledge is essential for anyone performing this work. AI Data Science engineers need to be well-versed in subjects like statistics, mathematics, physics, and robotics.  

The duties and roles of an AI Data Science engineer

The following are some of the primary responsibilities and jobs of an AI Data Science engineer from the top B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges:

  • Making the infrastructure of the data science team more automated and transforming machine learning models into application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • AI and machine learning testing and trial systems that can be trained and retrained as needed
  • building AI models from the ground up and assisting clients and advertisers with implementation and assessment
  • constructing, overseeing, and developing AI systems and new goods
  • doing statistical analysis and interpreting the results to enhance and guide the company’s decision-making
  • Cooperating and delegating tasks to different organizations to promote AI adoption and best practices¬†

What skills should an AI Data Science engineer have?

To become an AI Data Science engineer, professionals who graduated from Top Engineering Colleges in Delhi with a B. Tech in AI and data science must have the following abilities.

  • strong programming skills in TypeScript, Python, R, Java, Scala, and C++, as well as other languages deep knowledge of algebraic geometry, calculus, statistics, and probability
  • Understanding of artificial intelligence in B. Tech models, such as linear discriminant analysis, hidden Markov models, Gaussian mixture models, and Naive Bayes
  • familiarity with big data technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Apache Spark
  • Critical thinking skills
  • strong leadership qualities¬†
  • familiarity with several machine learning frameworks and methods, such as linear regression, PyTorch, Keras, Naive Bayes, KNN, and PyTorch
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • Making decisions and addressing problems
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What are some of the top B. Tech artificial intelligence and data science jobs? 

There are some best B. Tech artificial intelligence and data science jobs for B. Tech AI and data science students. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Machine learning Engineer
  3. Big Data Engineer
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  6. Research Scientist
  7. Business Intelligence Developer


Career Salary
Data Scientist  Rs. 17,11,180 
Computer Scientist  Rs. 16,24,615
ML Engineer  Rs. 9,50,000
AI Data Science engineer Rs.12,456,77
Data Engineer  Rs. 8,35,755 
Data Architect  Rs. 6,99,928 
Research Scientist  Rs. 6,52,230 
Algorithm Engineer  Rs. 5,40,220 
Data Analyst  Rs. 4,97,550
Computer Vision Engineer  Rs. 4,50,000

Frequently Asked Questions:   

Q1. How much does an AI Data Science engineer make in India?

The salary of an AI data science engineer in India who has done a B. Tech AI and Data Science may take between 8 and 50 lakhs per year.

Q2. How much does an AI Data Science engineer in India start with?

An AI Data Science engineer in India with a B. Tech in artificial intelligence may start earning as much as 8 lakhs per year.

Q3. How does the salary of an Indian engineer with experience in AI data science change?

Salary rises according to position and experience.

Q4. What well-liked skills are needed to work as an AI Data Science engineer?

The best B. Tech artificial intelligence colleges demand the following abilities to train students to become AI Data Science engineers: programming languages, data engineering, exploratory data analysis, deployment, modeling, and safety.

Q5. What is the greatest pay in India for an engineer with B. Tech AI and data science?

An AI Data Science engineer in India may expect to make up to 50 lakhs per year.  

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