ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List from 1975 to 2023

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List

Cricket, often referred to as a gentleman’s game, has enthralled fans across the globe for centuries. One of the most prestigious tournaments in the cricketing world is the ICC Cricket World Cup, particularly in the One Day International (ODI) format. Since its inception in 1975, the Cricket World Cup has witnessed breathtaking moments, fierce competition, and, most importantly, the crowning of champions. In this blog, we embark on a journey through time, unveiling the ODI Cricket World Cup winners and reliving the triumphs that have etched themselves into the annals of cricketing history.

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List

Year Hosts Winner Runner-up
1975 England West Indies Australia
1979 England West Indies England
1983 England India West Indies
1987 India & Pakistan Australia England
1992 Australia & New Zealand Pakistan England
1996 India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Australia
1999 England Australia Pakistan
2003 South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya Australia India
2007 West Indies Australia Sri Lanka
2011 India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh India Sri Lanka
2015 Australia & New Zealand Australia New Zealand
2019 England & Wales England New Zealand
2023 India Australia India

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1975 – The Birth of a Legacy:

The inaugural ICC Cricket World Cup in 1975 set the stage for a cricketing legacy that would unfold over the decades. The West Indies emerged as the first ODI Cricket World Cup champions, showcasing their dominance under the leadership of Clive Lloyd. Their powerful batting lineup and formidable fast bowling unit laid the foundation for future generations of West Indian cricketing excellence.

1979 – West Indies’ Double Triumph:

The West Indies continued their reign in 1979, clinching their second consecutive title under Clive Lloyd’s captaincy. This victory solidified the West Indies’ reputation as a cricketing powerhouse, with Vivian Richards playing a pivotal role in their success. The emergence of iconic players like Gordon Greenidge and Joel Garner further enriched the West Indies’ cricketing legacy.

1983 – India’s Historic Triumph:

In what is considered one of the greatest upsets in cricket history, Kapil Dev led the Indian cricket team to an unexpected victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup. India’s triumph over the mighty West Indies at Lord’s marked a turning point in cricket, showcasing that the sport was not limited to a few dominant nations. Kapil Dev’s iconic innings in the final and the team’s collective spirit became the stuff of legends.

1987-1996 – Australia and Pakistan’s Rise:

The late 1980s and early 1990s witnessed a shift in power dynamics as Australia and Pakistan rose to prominence. Australia, led by Allan Border, clinched the title in 1987, marking the beginning of their era of cricketing dominance. Pakistan followed suit in 1992, with Imran Khan’s leadership guiding them to their first-ever World Cup triumph. These victories established Australia and Pakistan as formidable forces in ODI cricket.

1999-2007 – Australia’s Unprecedented Dominance:

The turn of the millennium saw Australia embark on an unprecedented winning streak, securing the ODI Cricket World Cup in 1999, 2003, and 2007. Under the leadership of captains Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting, Australia showcased a level of cricketing supremacy rarely seen before. The likes of Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, and Adam Gilchrist became synonymous with Australia’s golden era.

2011 – India’s Home Glory:

In 2011, the Cricket World Cup returned to the Indian subcontinent, and the hosts did not disappoint. Led by the composed MS Dhoni, India triumphed on home soil, capturing their second World Cup title. The team’s stellar batting lineup, featuring the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, and MS Dhoni himself, played crucial roles in India’s success.

2015 – Australia’s Resurgence:

After a brief hiatus from the winner’s circle, Australia returned with a vengeance in 2015. Co-hosting the tournament with New Zealand, Australia, under Michael Clarke’s leadership, reclaimed the title with a blend of experienced players like Clarke, David Warner, and Mitchell Starc, along with emerging talents such as Steve Smith.

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2019 – England’s Thrilling Triumph:

The 2019 Cricket World Cup provided fans with a spectacle like no other. Hosted by England, the tournament featured a dramatic final that went down to a Super Over. In a historic moment, England emerged victorious, securing their maiden ODI Cricket World Cup title. Ben Stokes’ heroic innings and the boundary count rule controversy added an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling tournament.


As we reflect on the journey of the ODI Cricket World Cup winners. It becomes evident that this tournament is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of cricket’s global appeal. From the West Indies’ early dominance to India’s historic win, and Australia’s era of supremacy. Each World Cup has left an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape. As we eagerly await future editions, one thing remains certain: the ODI Cricket World Cup will continue to captivate hearts and minds. Creating timeless moments that define the spirit of the game.

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