How to Link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card?

How to Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number

Linking Aadhaar Card with PAN Card is a crucial requirement in India, and it has become mandatory for various financial transactions and government-related activities. The linkage helps in curbing tax evasion, ensuring a transparent financial system, and reducing the possibility of individuals holding multiple PAN cards. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of linking Aadhaar with PAN, the steps involved, and the implications of non-compliance. Link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card.


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issues Aadhaar, a 12-digit unique identification number, while the Income Tax Department issues the Permanent Account Number (PAN) for taxpayers. Both Aadhaar and PAN serve different purposes, but the government has made it mandatory to link them to streamline financial transactions and enhance the efficiency of the taxation system.

Importance of Link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card:

1. Prevention of Tax Evasion:

  • Linking Aadhaar with PAN helps prevent tax evasion by ensuring that individuals cannot use multiple PAN cards for evading taxes.
  • It creates a unique identity for each taxpayer, making it easier for the government to track financial transactions and income.

2. Transparency in Financial Transactions:

  • The linkage promotes transparency in financial transactions as it allows the government to monitor high-value transactions and identify any discrepancies.
  • It facilitates a more accurate assessment of an individual’s financial profile.

3. Government Subsidies and Benefits:

  • Linking Aadhaar with PAN ensures that government subsidies and benefits reach the intended beneficiaries directly, reducing the chances of fraud and misappropriation.
  • This is particularly important in welfare schemes where Aadhaar authentication is used to verify the identity of beneficiaries.

4. Simplification of Compliance Processes:

  • Having a linked Aadhaar and PAN simplifies various compliance processes, such as filing income tax returns.
  • It enables seamless verification of identity and reduces the chances of errors in financial documentation.

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Steps to Link Aadhaar with PAN:

1. Online Method:

  • Visit the official Income Tax e-filing website.
  • Log in to your account using your credentials.
  • Go to the ‘Profile Settings’ or ‘Profile’ section.
  • Select the ‘Link Aadhaar’ option.
  • Enter the required details, such as Aadhaar number and name as per Aadhaar.
  • Click on the ‘Link Aadhaar’ button to complete the process.

2. SMS Method:

  • Send an SMS to the designated number from the mobile number registered with Aadhaar.
  • Format: UIDPAN<SPACE><12-digit Aadhaar><SPACE><10-digit PAN>
  • Example: UIDPAN 123456789012 ABCDE1234F
  • Send the SMS to the specified number, and you will receive a confirmation message upon successful linkage.

3. Through Income Tax Department’s PAN Aadhaar Linking Portal:

  • Access the PAN Aadhaar linking portal on the official Income Tax Department website.
  • Enter the required details, such as PAN, Aadhaar number, and the name as per Aadhaar.
  • After verification, the linkage status will be displayed.

4. Aadhaar-PAN Linkage via UTIITSL Portal:

  • Visit the official UTIITSL portal for Aadhaar-PAN linkage.
  • Choose the appropriate form, enter the necessary details, and submit the form.
  • Upon successful verification, the linkage status will be communicated.

5. Visit a PAN Service Center:

  • Visit a PAN service center authorized by the government.
  • Fill the required form for Aadhaar-PAN linkage.
  • Submit the form along with supporting documents for verification.

Implications of Non-Compliance:

1. Invalidation of PAN:

  • Non-compliance may lead to the invalidation of the PAN card, rendering it unusable for financial transactions and official purposes.

2. Penalties and Legal Consequences:

  • There may be penalties imposed for not linking Aadhaar with PAN within the specified deadline.
  • Non-compliance with government directives could result in legal consequences, including fines and other punitive actions.

3. Difficulty in Financial Transactions:

  • Individuals without a linked Aadhaar and PAN may face difficulties in conducting certain financial transactions, such as opening bank accounts or making high-value transactions.

4. Impact on Income Tax Returns:

  • Filing income tax returns without a linked Aadhaar and PAN may be deemed incomplete or inaccurate, leading to potential complications with the tax authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is it Mandatory to Link Aadhaar with PAN?

  • Yes, it is mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN. The government has made this linkage essential for various financial transactions and to streamline the taxation system.

Q2. What Happens if I Don’t Link Aadhaar with PAN?

  • Failure to link Aadhaar with PAN may result in the invalidation of the PAN card, penalties, legal consequences, and difficulties in conducting financial transactions.

Q3. Can I Link Aadhaar with PAN for Someone Else?

  • No, the individual must link their own Aadhaar with PAN. The process involves providing personal details and cannot be done on behalf of someone else.

Q4. Can I Delink Aadhaar from PAN?

  • As of the knowledge cutoff in January 2022, there is no specific provision to delink Aadhaar from PAN. Once linked, the two remain associated.

Q5. Is Aadhaar-PAN Linkage Necessary for NRIs?

  • Yes, NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) are also required to link their Aadhaar with PAN if they have one.

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In conclusion, linking Aadhaar with PAN is a crucial step for every taxpayer in India. It not only enhances the transparency of financial transactions but also plays a pivotal role in preventing tax evasion. The government has provided multiple avenues for individuals to link their Aadhaar with PAN, including online methods, SMS, and visits to authorized service centers. Non-compliance with this requirement can lead to serious consequences, including the invalidation of the PAN card, penalties, and legal actions. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals to ensure timely and accurate linkage to avoid any disruptions in financial and official matters.

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