Steps to make your Superannuation Last Longer

Steps to make your Superannuation Last Longer

Determining how far your funds will last is critical knowledge, especially if you plan to take a break from work, reduce your hours to part-time, or decide to retire. Let’s look at the factors that influence the lifetime of your savings and how to calculate superannuation to determine how long your money will endure and what you can do to extend its life.

You genuinely need to know how long you can keep up with your costs before your savings run out. As a result, the first step in determining how long your money will last is to identify your spending.

Include everything your funds will need to cover when calculating your expenses, such as groceries, automobile expenses, loan repayments, taxes, travel, etc.

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The next step is to calculate the expected investment return from your savings. For example, if you have bank savings, you might say that your savings will earn 1 percent every year (interest). You might expect that they will yield 8 percent per year (income and capital growth) if you own shares.

How can I Extend the Life of my Superannuation?

You may extend the life of your superannuation in a number of ways. The advantage is that you can use any or all of the alternatives below to fulfil your retirement income goals. For that, you must know how to calculate the superannuation to make it last long-

Option 1: Work harder for a more extended time:

Working more hours extends the life of your pension in two ways. Working longer extends the time you are not drawing from your superannuation. Still, it also extends the time you contribute to your account, whether through the company or personal payments.

Option 2: Reduce Your Expenses:

Reduced retirement expenses mean you’ll use less of your superannuation assets each year, extending the life of your retirement funds. It may mean settling for the restaurant’s house wine, but your superannuation will last long.

Option 3: Take On More Danger:

To increase your superannuation investment option, allocate your balance to growth-oriented assets like stocks and real estate and less to defensive assets like cash and fixed interest. According to the theory, growth-oriented investments produce higher long-term returns on average. If the market crashes, your superannuation could run out sooner if you invested more conservatively.

Option 4: Reduce the size of your home:

Downsizing to a lower-cost house can free up funds that can be used to extend your retirement income.

If you’re over 65, some laws allow you to contribute up to $300,000 into superannuation using profits from the sale of a home without having to meet superannuation job tests or stay under contribution limitations. As a result, you will be able to free up more capital, but you will also be able to invest it in a tax-free environment and earn tax-free income.

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Option 5: Consult a Financial Advisor:

It’s no secret that a qualified financial planner will help you improve your financial situation, raise your chances of meeting your retirement goals, and guarantee you only take on the amount of investment risk necessary to achieve your objectives.

The advantages of proper financial planning counsel will always exceed the cost.


To make your superannuation last longer, choose one or more of the alternatives listed above. This will allow you to develop your retirement plan and realise your retirement aspirations.

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