Shinzo Abe Passes Away: PM Abe Shot Dead In The City Of Nara

Shinzo Abe Passes Away

Shinzo Abe Passes Away: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead on Friday morning. Abe was giving a speech during the election campaign in Nara city. The 42-year-old assailant fired from behind. The accused was arrested on the spot. According to media reports, the accused’s name is Yamagami Tetsuya and he was unhappy with Abe’s policies.

Abe collapsed shortly after being hit by two bullets. He was taken by helicopter to Nara Medical University Hospital. For 6 hours the medical team tried to save him. Abe also suffered a heart attack during treatment. The incident happened at 8 am Indian time (11.30 am Japan time). A doctor involved in the medical team that tried to save Abe’s life said – A bullet hit Abe had reached his heart.

Attacker was Arrested

The attacker Yamagami Tetsuya was arrested. The Gun has been recovered from him. It looks like a TV camera. According to Japanese media, the attacker used a handmade gun. He was a member of the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Also Had a Heart Attack

According to Japanese media reports, Shinzo also suffered a heart attack after being shot. Although there is no official statement about it yet. According to eyewitnesses, gunshots were heard on the spot, and blood was seen oozing from Abe’s body.

The Heartbeat had Stopped on Way to Hospital

Fire officials said that while taking Abe to the hospital by plane, he was not breathing and his heartbeat had stopped. A video of the attack on Abe is also present on social media. It can be seen that he was attacked from behind, which the security personnel failed to stop. After being shot, Shinzo Abe fell to the ground and blood started pouring down his throat.

Most Popular Prime Minister of Japan

The most popular Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, held the post of Prime Minister for the longest time in the country. After the attack on him, a task force was formed by the Japanese government. A country where there is the least number of gun crimes and where the least number of people are killed by guns, this incident is shocking. The gun with which Abe was killed is a homemade weapon. It was made by mixing duct tape and pipes. It looks exactly like a camera and two pipes are clearly visible on a closer look.

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