Joe Biden Take Oath as 46th US President, Kamala Harris Oath in as Vice President

Joe Biden Take Oath as 46th US President

Joe Biden Take Oath: Democrat Joseph R. Biden Jr., Joe Biden became the oldest president in American history. He is 78 years old. Kamala Harris was sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States on Wednesday night. Kamala Harris, 56, created history with this. She will be the first woman, black and vice-president of India.

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Obama, Clinton and Bush Also Arrive

President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris arrived for the swearing-in ceremony. Before him Bill Clinton arrived with wife Hillary. Shortly afterwards, former President George W. Bush arrived with wife Laura Laura Bush. Barack Obama and Michelle are also present here.

Vice President Mike Pence Arrives

Donald Trump may be away from Biden’s inauguration ceremony, but Vice President Mike Pence has reached Capitol Hill to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

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Bomb Rumor in Supreme Court

According to CNN, the rumor sparked panic in the US Supreme Court on Wednesday morning. After this, the National Guards took up the front and the Supreme Court was evacuated shortly.

Trump Left a Note for Biden

President Donald Trump left the White House with First Lady Melania before Biden’s oath. On the way, he also left a note for Biden. What is written in it has not been revealed yet. This is the first time in 151 years that no president is attending the swearing in of the new president. Prior to Trump, Andrew Johnson had bycott the swearing in of the new president in 1869. Joe Biden Take Oath.

Trump Thanked Everyone

Trump arrived at Andrews Airbase by helicopter. From there he left for his resort Mar-a-Lego in Florida. Trump told supporters at Andrews airbase – you guys worked very hard. Thanks to all Thanks to my family and my friends too. This term has been very special for me. We served America much better. We re-built the American Army.

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Trump Said – See You Soon

Trump said on Corona, “It usually takes 8-9 years to develop a vaccine, but we brought the vaccine in 9 months. We have two vaccines right now. We will have more vaccines in the future. I I will always fight for the American citizens. We love you and will return in one way or the other. We will see you soon. “

Who will be the Special Guests?

Donald Trump is not joining ceremonies. He will be replaced by Vice President Mike Pence. Also coming are former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Fellow Ellen Kamark of the Brookings Institute, a thinktank in Washington, says Pence’s arrival is most important. Pence wants to convince the people that the Republican Party is not limited to Trump.

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