Joe Biden Becomes Oldest Person Ever to be Elected as US President, Modi Congratulates

Joe Biden Becomes Oldest Person Ever to be Elected as US President,

Democrat Party candidate Joe Biden will become America’s 46th president. The 77-year-old Biden is the oldest person to become president of the US. According to the NYT, with the victory in Pennsylvania, he gathered the necessary electoral votes for the majority. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi congratulated Joe Biden on becoming the President of the United States. Indian-born Kamala Harris will be the first female Vice President of the United States.

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Joe Biden has received 7.4 million votes so far. Never before has any president received so many votes. Biden has a lead of over 20,000 votes in Arizona. In Georgia, he leads by over 7 thousand votes. However, counting is still going on in 4 states. At the same time, Trump is leading in North Carolina and Alaska. Biden has 279 electoral votes. A figure of 270 is needed to become president.

Biden’s tweet- I’ll be President of All

Biden tweeted, ‘America, I feel honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. Our future work will be difficult, but I promise you that I will be the President of all Americans. Whether you voted for me or not.

Prime Minister Modi Congratulated Biden

Modi said- I congratulate you on this magnificent victory. As Vice President of the United States, you have done incredible work to strengthen Indo-US relations. I am ready to take the relationship of the two countries to new heights with you.

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Biden Breaks 28-year-old Series

Biden broke the 28-year run of the current president winning two consecutive elections. Bill Clinton (Democrat) in 1992 and 1996, George W. Bush (Republican) in 2000 and 2004, Barack Obama (Democrat) in 2008 and 2012 won two consecutive elections. If Trump had also won the 2020 election after 2016, then this trend would have continued.

Biden Appeals to Trump – Spit Angry

Earlier, Biden appeared in public on Saturday. He tried to cool the political mercury. Without naming Trump, appealed to him to spit anger, we could be adversaries, but not enemies. We are all Americans. Told supporters that there is no doubt that the Democrats are going to win the election. The American public has given us the mandate to run the government.

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Biden said that the country wants him to move forward unitedly. You must be patient. Today we are proving what was done 244 years ago (in 1776). And that democracy is successful and effective. Every vote of yours will be counted. Biden also appealed to supporters to maintain peace.

Biden Wins After 4 Days of Counting

The results were not clear since voting on 3 November. Biden’s name was stamped after 4 days of counting. Republican candidate Donald Trump kept repeating allegations of election fraud until shortly before the picture was cleared. He said that bad things had happened inside the counting rooms. Thousands of votes were incorrectly included in the hard-hitting state of Pennsylvania.

Biden’s Security Increased

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officers spoke to Biden late at night. During this time his advisors were also present. The safety of Biden and his family is now being reviewed. Agents of US intelligence agencies exist outside Biden’s home in the White House and Delaware. A team of National Guards has also been deployed to protect Biden.

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