Japan Earthquake: 7.1 Magnitude Tremor Hits off Fukushima Coast

Japan Earthquake 7.1 Magnitude Tremor Hits off Fukushima Coast (1)

Japan Earthquake: A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the northeastern coast of Japan at 7:37 pm on Saturday. Its tremors were felt throughout the country, but the biggest impact was in Fukushima and Miami. There is a large nuclear plant in Fukushima. Japan government spokesman Katsoonobu said that nothing unusual has been seen in the nuclear plant so far. Expert team has reached to inspect the plant.

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Japan’s Meteorological Agency has said that there is no tsunami threat from this earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake was about 60 km from the ground, about 306 km from the capital Tokyo. The Tokyo Electric Power Company said the power supply to 8, 60,000 homes in the country ceased due to the earthquake. Here, Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga reached the Crisis Management Center in his office after the earthquake and took stock of the situation.

After the Earthquake in 2011 There Were 16 Thousand Deaths Due to Tsunami

The same place in Japan caused a massive tsunami 10 years ago in March 2011 due to a devastating earthquake of magnitude 9. Then the tsunami waves that had ravaged the Fukushima nuclear plant. It was considered a major event in terms of damage to the environment. Then 10 meters high waves in the sea caused havoc in many cities. About 16 thousand people died in it.

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Japan is Located on Ring of Fire

Japan has the most sensitive area of ​​earthquake. It comes in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire is an area where continental plates along with oceanic tectonic plates are also present. When these plates collide, an earthquake occurs. Tsunamis are caused by these effects and volcanoes also burst. 90% of the world’s earthquakes fall in this ring of fire.

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The effect of Ring of Fire can be seen from New Zealand to Japan, Alaska and North and South America. 15 countries are due to this ring of fire. This area is spread over 40 thousand kilometers. 75% of all active volcanoes in the world are in this area.

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