Indonesia Plane Crash: Boeing 737 Plane Crash Carrying 62 People, Suspected Debris Found at Sea

Indonesia Plane Crash Boeing 737 Plane Crash Carrying 62 People

Indonesia Plane Crash: Srivijaya Airlines plane in Indonesia crashed into the sea on Saturday. British newspaper Daily Mail gave this information. It had 62 people, including seven children and six crew members. The aircraft lost contact with the control tower only after taking off from the airport. Debris of some electronic equipment has been seen in the sea. However, whether it is of the missing aircraft or not has not been officially confirmed yet.

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The missing flight number of Srivijaya Air was SJ 182. The Boeing 737-500 class plane flew from Jakarta’s Sukarno-Hatta Airport. It lost contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) just four minutes after takeoff. At that time the aircraft was at an altitude of 10 thousand feet. According to the flight watchdog website FlightRadar24, he has received indications of the plane coming down abruptly.

Search Ship and Rescue Team Sent to the Accident Site

The place where the aircraft has lost contact with ATC is the sea, so search ships, helicopters and rescue teams have been sent to that place. According to reports, the aircraft was over 26 years old. It was purchased by Continental Airlines of the United States in 1994. From there it was bought by Srivijaya Airlines. Indonesia Plane Crash.

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In its report, the news agency ANI quoted Xinhua as saying that after the loss of contact, a Boeing B737-500 aircraft search operation was carried out, after which information about its crash has been revealed. The commander of the Trisula Coast Guard ship Capt. Eko Surya Hadi said that debris and pieces of human body have been found. The news agency AP quoted officials as saying that it was a domestic flight. The Boeing 737-500 aircraft took off from Jakarta at 1:56 pm. Its contact broke from the control tower at around 2:40 pm.

Chaos at the Airport

The flight was diverted from Sukarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta to Pontianak City Airport, but went missing midway. On receiving this information, the family of passengers reached Jakarta and Pontianak Airport. There was chaos at both airports. Family members were seen crying.

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Indonesian airline Airways Sriwijaya Air has said that the aircraft was on its 90-minute flight to Pontianak. The report of the news agency PTI said that most of the planes going from Jakarta to Pontianak travel over the Java sea. The passengers on the plane include 56 passengers and six crew members. The Indonesian newspaper Republika has reported in its report that the plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Six children were also among the passengers aboard the plane.

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