India China Border: Three Indian Soldiers Killed in Violent Clashes with China on Border

  • The incident occurred on Monday night, when the forces of the two countries were engaged in efforts to reduce tension in Galvan Valley.
  • After the martyrdom of the soldiers of India, the threat of China, said – Now India should not act unilaterally, otherwise the difficulties will increase.

The India-China border dispute is now turning into a big tension. On Monday night, there was a violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. In this, a colonel of India and two soldiers were martyred. The colonels who were martyred were the commanding officers of the Infantry Battalion. Such situations have been created on the Indo-China border after 45 years i.e. 1975, when the soldiers of India have died.

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China on The Contrary, Accused India of Crossing the Border

According to the news agency Reuters, China’s foreign ministry has said that India should not act unilaterally, otherwise the difficulties will increase. China has accused India of crossing the border.

Tension Since May, Talks were Held Four Times in June, Yet Violence Erupted

There has been tension between the two countries on the border since 41 days. It started on 5 May. After this, talks between the armies of the two countries have been held four times in June itself. In the negotiations, there was agreement between the armies of both the countries to reduce the tension on the border or to de-exclude. The forces of the two countries were retreating from the disputed areas under de-exclusion.

Army Said- Meeting to Control the Situation Continues

The statement issued by the army said that the de-acceleration process was going on in Galvan Valley yesterday, ie on Monday night, but only then violence occurred. One of our officers and two soldiers were martyred. Right now senior officers of the armies of both countries are meeting on the spot to reduce tension.

Indian Soldiers were Martyred at the China Border 45 Years Ago

On 20 October 1975, an assault rifle was attacked by the Assam Rifle Patrolling Party at Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh. Four Indian soldiers were martyred in this.

Former DGMO Said – Do not Take This Skirmish Lightly

Former Director General of Military Operations Lieutenant General (Retd) Vinod Bhatia says that this violent clash between soldiers on both sides and the martyrdom of a colonel and two soldiers in it are a matter of great concern. Both sides will have to sit together and bring the situation under control immediately. This violent clash indicates that the situation is extremely tense. Do not take it lightly.

There was a Violent Confrontation in 1967 as Well

After the 1962 war, there was a violent clash between India and China at Nathu La in Sikkim on 11 September 1967. After this there was a clash on 15 September 1967 as well. The dispute came to an end in October 1967. China then claimed that 65 of India’s soldiers were martyred. At the same time, 36 soldiers of India were martyred in Cho La skirmish. It is estimated that 400 Chinese soldiers were also killed during the whole confrontation.

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