France Attack: Three People Stabbed to Death Outside Church in France, Mayor Told- Terrorist Attack

France Attack Three People Stabbed to Death Outside Church in France

France Attack: A terrorist attack is reported in France. According to French police, some people were attacked with knives in the city of Nice in south France. In which three people died and many others were injured. Among the dead three people is a woman, who is beheaded with a knife like ISIS. The attack has been carried out outside the church. The Mayor of Nice has called it a terrorist attack. The incident took place on Thursday morning. A police officer said that the attacker has been arrested. He is admitted to a nearby hospital after his injuries during the arrest.

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The Mayor of Nice has linked the attack to the terrorism incident. According to Mayor Christian Astrosy, the attack occurred in or around the city’s Notre Dame Church. At the same time, the French Anti-Terrorism Department said that it has been given the responsibility of investigating this attack. Armed soldiers surrounded the church at the scene. Ambulances and fire service vehicles are present on the spot.

A Teacher was Murdered a Few Days Ago

The attack in the church of Nice city comes at a time when France was still murdered by a man of Chechen origin earlier this month of French Middle College teacher Samuel Patty. So far 16 people have been arrested in the case of Patty’s murder. There are also those on the police radar who campaigned against Patty on social media. These people had considered it wrong to show cartoons of Prophet Muhammad while Patty taught freedom of expression.

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Teacher Samuel Patty was Murdered

Police said the victim was 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Patty, who showed his students some cartoons of Prophet Mohammed during a discussion on the subject of freedom of expression. After this, the parents of some students complained to the teacher. The suspect’s two brothers and their grandparents were initially detained by police for questioning.

Attacker Alone Executed the Incident

Two police officers did not disclose the name, saying that it is believed that the attacker carried out Thursday’s attack alone. He said that therefore the police is not searching for other attackers.

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Cartoon Long Controversy

The attack comes at a time when the trial of the massacre in January 2015 is going on in the office of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. The caricatures of Prophet Mohammed were published by the magazine. This caused a wave of anger in the Islamic world. The magazine republished the cartoons in September and last month a young Pakistani man injured two people outside the magazine’s former office.

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