Death Rate of Corona Infected: Know Death Percent Of Corona Patients in the world

Death Rate of Corona Infected
  • 28 Countries in the World have More Coronavirus Cases Than India Right Now

Death Rate of Corona Infected: According to John Hopkins University, 181 countries in the world are under the grip of Corona. So far, more than 1.1 million cases of corona have been reported in these countries. More than 60 thousand people have lost their lives. 2.26 lakh people have been cured so far. Italy has the highest number of 14,681 deaths. Maximum 2.77 lakh cases have been reported in the US.

Among the most affected countries in the world, it is the highest in Italy when it comes to death due to coronavirus. In Italy, about 12 people out of every 100 corona-infected people are dying. France is at number two, with 10 out of 100 patients suffering from corona dying. At number three is the Netherlands. More than 9 out of every 100 infected are killed here. 

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At the same time, there have been 3127 cases of corona in India, while 86 people have died. In this sense, the rate of corona deaths in India is 2.75. India is currently at number 29 in the world in terms of total corona cases. That is, in 28 countries of the world, there are more cases of corona than India.

Germany has the lowest 1.4 death rate among the top 10 countries most affected by Corona

Germany has the lowest death rate among the top 10 countries affected by coronavirus. On an average 1.4 out of every 100 infected people are dying here. There have been 91,159 cases of corona in Germany so far. 1,330 people have died. 26,400 people have been cured. America has the lowest death rate after Germany. It has the highest number of 2.77 lakh cases in the world. 7,174 people have died. But the death rate here is 2.6. It is lower than India and China. Death rate is 4 in China and 2.75 in India.

The risk of coronavirus is more for men than women.

Coronavirus is more at risk for men than women. In some countries, it is reported that deaths from corona are reported. In Italy, 71% of the total deaths from corona are male and 29% are female. Similarly 65% ​​of males and 35% of females have died from Corona in Spain. Medical experts say that the disease is more fatal for men.

It is generally believed that women’s immunity is much better than men, although it is still a matter of debate. Genetic and hormonal differences may also play an important role in this. Along with this, environmental factors also strengthen the immunity system of women. Despite this, women are responsible for 80% of autoimmune diseases. But his position on Corona is better. Death Rate of Corona Infected.

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