WhatsApp Hit New Record on New Year’s Eve with Over 1.4 Billion Voice, Video Calls

WhatsApp Hit New Record on New Year’s Eve with Over 1.4 Billion Voice, Video Calls
  • WhatsApp has more than 200 million active users worldwide

WhatsApp Hit New Record: On New Year’s Eve, users from all over the world used WhatsApp fiercely. Facebook stated in its post that WhatsApp users made more than 140 crore voice and video calls on New Year’s Eve. This is the highest number of calls made on a single day on the platform. WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform with over 200 million active users worldwide.

This Figure is 50% Higher Than Last Year

  • The company further said that – This figure is 50% higher than the previous year. The full credit for this goes to the coronavirus epidemic, which forced people to stay indoors and this led to more users turning to video and voice calling to stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Video calling became arguably the most in-demand feature in 2020, as people turned to technology to stay in touch and work with the mandate of social distancing and home living.
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What is the reason behind the increase in WhatsApp video calls

Explain that due to Kovid-19, most people were celebrating the new year in a virtual manner, due to which people were resorting to video calling to talk to their friends and relatives. Also, WhatsApp video calls were also chosen to call many people simultaneously. Actually last year, the number of WhatsApp group calling has been increased from 4 to 8, due to which people are resorting to WhatsApp for video calling. Most people are connected to WhatsApp. In such a situation. WhatsApp Hit New Record.

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it is easy to make video calls with WhatsApp. Talking about India, in India, all smartphones are commonly used, as well as Internet data is provided at the cheapest rate in India worldwide. In such a situation, every person has access to WhatsApp. Due to this, people have the facility to make video calls.

Traffic was at Its Highest in March 2020

  • Caitlin Banford, Technical Program Manager at Facebook, said in a statement that – “Before Kovid-19, the world’s largest spikes in messaging, photo uploads and social sharing were generated around midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  • However, in March 2020, the epidemic produced a traffic spike that would blur New Year’s Eve several times and it lasted for months. “This year, New Year’s Eve looked very different, and we had Facebook K Apps had an engineering team, ready to support any issue.

5.5 Crore + Live Broadcasts on Facebook-Instagram

  • People were celebrated with impact in Messenger and the top AR (Augmented Reality) effect in the US was ‘2020 Firework’.
  • Facebook said that New Year’s Eve 2020 was the largest day for Messenger group video calls (3+ people) in the US, with group video calls made nearly 2 times a day compared to the average day.
  • The company said that – on New Year’s Eve, there were more than 55 million live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram.

Use of live video too

Not only voice and video calls, live broadcast feature is also used extensively in the year 2020. This year, 5.5 million live videos were posted on Facebook and Instagram on New Year’s Eve. The highest number of group video calls were made on the Messenger app in the US and the 2020 Fireworks was the most used AR Effect.

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Features coming soon for desktop users

In view of the huge demand for audio and video calls, WhatsApp is soon going to bring this feature for desktop users as well. This will not require users to switch from desktop to phone to make calls. Let me tell you that right now audio and video call facility on WhatsApp is possible only with smartphone.

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