Telegram Becomes the Most Downloaded App Worldwide in January 2021

Telegram Becomes the Most Downloaded App Worldwide in January 2021

In January 2021, Telegram was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide. According to the report of Censor Tower, 24% of these downloads have been done in India. The messaging app was downloaded 6.3 million times last month (as per the given percentage, around 1.5 crore came to Indian Telegram in January), which is 3.8 times more than the January 2020. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is being considered due to the sudden increase in download. TickTalk is second in the list, followed by Signal and Facebook. WhatsApp has moved from third to fifth position.

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Telegram Installed the Most in India

In its latest blog post titled ‘Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021 by downloads’, Censor Tower announced that Telegram has become the most downloaded app worldwide in January this year, overtaking TickTalk and Signal. India has the highest number of installs with 24% followed by Indonesia with 10% installs.

TikTok Became the Second Most Downloaded App

Ticketlock became the second most downloaded app worldwide in January with 6.2 million downloads. Which was installed in 17% of China and 10% of America. TickTalk was banned in India even after the government’s decision to block several Chinese apps last year.

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Telegram Was Not Even in the Top-5 in December 2020

According to Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most downloaded app in December 2020. During this time Telegram was also not in the top-5. WhatsApp’s policy controversy pushed users to switch to Telegram in the month of January. After this, WhatsApp slipped from third position in December 2020 to fifth position in January 2021. Signal and Facebook made it to the third and fourth positions in January 2021 respectively.

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Instagram Most Downloaded App

Reportedly, Instagram finished sixth on the list of most downloaded non-gaming apps in January 2021, followed by Zoom, MX Takatak, Snapchat and Messenger. Censor Tower says that it includes downloads from both the App Store and the Google Play Store worldwide from 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021.

Android Users Transfer WhatsApp Chats to Telegram

  • Note: You cannot simultaneously transfer all your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram. You have to transfer the chats one by one. The process is very easy and can be completed with a few taps.
    First of all, you have to open WhatsApp and open the chat you want in Telegram. Now you have to tap on the three dot menu at the top right.
  • Here you will see ‘More’ written at the bottom. You have to tap here and go to ‘Export Chat’.
  • By doing this, you will have options for many apps and shortcuts. You have to select the Telegram app here.
  • Your chat will be transferred to Telegram as soon as you select the app.
  • Similarly, you can transfer all the chats one by one or your favorite chats to Telegram.

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