Singapore Became the First Country in the World to Use Facial Verification

Singapore Became the First Country in the World to Use Facial Verification
  • This technique will benefit from this, This will identify the person along with his actual presence.

Singapore has become the first country in the world to use facial verification in the National Identity Scheme. Biometric testing will provide safe and private both public and government facilities to the people of the country. In this regard, the government’s technology agency said that it is fundamental for the digital economy of the country.

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The testing of such verification was started with a bank, which has now been rolled out nationwide. This will not only identify the person, but will also show that the person is actually present.

Andrew Bud, the founder and chief executive of iProov, a UK company that provides technology, said, “You have to make sure that the person is actually present when you authenticate. You can take a picture or video or a re-recorded recording or Not watching a Deepfake. ” He further said that this is the first time that cloud-based face verification has been used to secure the identity of people who are using the National Identity Scheme.

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How will this technology be used?

Singapore’s tax offices, many banks, DBS banks are already using Singapore’s technology. This technology allows customers to use it to open an online bank account. It can also be used for verification in secure areas in ports. Students can also use it to make sure they can do their own tests. It will be available for any business that meets the requirements of the government.

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Kiwok Kwake Sin, Senior Director of National Digital Identity at Government Technology (GovTech) Singapore, said it is better for privacy as companies will not need to collect any biometric data. Customers will see only one score, indicating how much the government has scanned the file.

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