How To Use ChatGPT in Bing, Step by Step Understand the Process

How To Use ChatGPT in Bing

How To Use ChatGPT In Bing: AI is being discussed everywhere after Open AI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ came into the market. Many big companies are working on AI projects. Open AI’s chatbot Chat GPT achieved a milestone in a matter of months that took years for other tech giants to achieve. Google is also scared of this chatbot and is working on many AI projects. To compete with Chat GPT, Google has recently introduced its chatbot, Bard. Everyone wants to keep himself ahead in the race for AI. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also added a feature like Chat GPT on its search engine Bing and Microsoft Edge browser. That is, the way till now you used to get answers to questions from Chat GPT, in the same way now you will be able to do this work on both these search engines.

This Feature will be available in New Bing

Now when you search for any question in Microsoft’s search engine Bing, you will get a shot and simple answer like Chat GPT. Along with this, many links will also be visible. Just as you are able to answer questions in Chat GPT, in the same way here too you will be able to answer questions with the chatbot and you can ask questions to it until you get the correct answer. Microsoft has also given an example of this on the website, whose picture we are putting here.

New Bing will Work Like This

When you open the Bing browser, you will see the option ‘Chat’ in the top left corner. You have to write your question as soon as you click on it. As soon as you press enter, you will see many links on the left side as before and search results like Chat GPT will appear on the right side. We are adding a video here to understand it better. How To Use ChatGPT in Bing.

Let us tell you that the new ‘Chat Mode’ is based on Open AI’s Next Generation Language Model. Which is even better than ‘Chat GPT’. The name of this model is the Prometheus model. In Bing’s new chat mode, you will get more accurate and faster answers than chat GPT. The new update of the search engine Bing is currently released for a limited number of people. If you want to use this feature, then you will have to register and wait now. You will need an Outlook account to register. After the registration is done, you will get an e-mail from Microsoft, in which it will be told that you can use the new service of Bing. Until this mail comes, you will be on the waiting list only.

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