Google with India’s New IT Rules: Sundar Pichai Said – We are Committed to Obey the Local Law

Google with India's New IT Rules

Google with India’s New IT Rules: Alphabet Inc. and Google CEO Sundar Pichai are India’s new IT (Arbitral Guidelines and Digital Media Code of Conduct) regulations. He said that our company is committed to following local laws and engaging constructively with governments. Governments prepare a regulatory framework to keep pace with the rapidly evolving IT sector.

In a virtual conference with select journalists from the Asia Pacific region, Sundar Pichai said, “It’s obviously early days and our local teams are very busy. We always respect local laws in every country and we work creatively We have a clear transparency report, when we comply with government requests, we mention it in our transparency report. 

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The company retreats where it is needed

An independent and open Internet is a basic need and has long standing traditions in India. As a company, we are clearly aware of the values ​​and benefits of free and open Internet and we advocate it. We creatively engage with regulatory around the world, we participate in these processes. The company respects legislative procedures. In cases where she needs to retreat, she does so.

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It is important to respect the right to privacy

Defending the new digital rules, the government said that it respects the right to privacy. It is not a violation of privacy to ask platforms like WhatsApp to provide information about the original source of the messages identified under the new IT rules. The government has sought a compliance report from the social media companies regarding the new rules.

New rules will tighten the social media platform

The new digital rules of the WhatsApp government have been challenged in the Delhi High Court, which has received this response from the government one day. WhatsApp says that providing access to encrypted messages will break the privacy protection cover. The new rules were announced on 25 February. Under the new rule, large social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will need to take additional measures. They have more than 50 lakh users in the country.

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These social media companies may have to lose their intermediary status if they do not follow the rules. This condition gives them exemption and protection from liabilities for any third party information and the data they ‘host’. In other words, after the expiry of its status, action can be taken on the complaint.

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