Facebook Reels: Making Reels on Facebook will be more fun

Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels: Nowadays, more than 80 percent of the people of the country have smartphones in their hands. Through this people are not only having fun with digital transactions but are also earning money. These days, the magic of Reel (Facebook Reels) on Facebook is speaking in the heads of most of the youth. But many people used to complain that the time limit of the reel is very less. Because of this, the entire video could not be uploaded. There is good news for such youths. Because meta has launched some new ‘creative expression’ features for creators on Facebook. In which the time limit of the reel has been increased. That is, now users will be able to put longer videos on the Facebook reel than before.

90-Second Time Limit

Let us tell you that till now the time of reels was given to Facebook users only for 1 minute. But now the time of the reels has been reduced to 90 seconds. The company has announced the extension of this time through the Meta for Creators account. After which creators can make bigger reels than before through their phone’s memory. Let us tell you that you can also save this video in your phone gallery. From there you can directly upload on social media platforms.

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These Features Started

Let us tell you that Facebook will implement these features in the same way as video creators are provided in the social media platform Instagram. Not only this, but Meta has also introduced a new Grooves feature. The motion syncs to the beat of the song. After the new features, with the templates tool, users can easily create and upload reels with trending templates. Not only this, but users can also earn money from this. For this, he will have to monetize his platform.

How to Make Facebook Reel?

First, open Facebook on your device. As soon as you open the app, you will see Reel written at the front near the Rooms, Groups, and Live sections. Click here to reel. After this, you have to give the camera access to the app. For this, click on the Allow Access option coming on the screen. Now click on Allow once again.

Now you can also create a new video from here and add any video from the gallery. Swipe up to add clips from the gallery and click on the red color point on the screen to create a new video. Then after shooting the video, add music to the video by clicking on the music icon on the right side of the screen.

Also, you can add stickers by clicking on the stickers icon coming on the third number. Now click on the Next button coming at the bottom of the right side. Share it by writing a description here. Please tell me that you can save the created reels and they can also be downloaded.

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