Virat Kohli Said, If There were Differences in the Players Then We Could Not Perform well Enough

Virat Kohli said

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli on Monday dismissed reports of the team’s inaction and said that everything between him and Rohit Sharma is fine. Kohli said that he is bewildered when he talks about the relationship with Rohit that he is not right. He said that the team’s atmosphere is also good.

India had to face defeat in New Zealand in the semi-finals of the World Cup played in England. After this, the news of the manipulation in the team had caught hold of it and it was said that the team was divided between two teams between the team’s vice-captain Rohit Sharma and captain Virat Kohli.

I do not know who is benefiting: Virat

Virat said that I do not know who is benefiting from these things. We are trying to take Indian cricket to the top. Some people are happy to let us down In four years we have brought the team from number seven to number one and are listening to such things today.

No nonsense in dressing room: Shastri

Coach Ravi Shastri, present at the press conference, said, The way we play, no person is bigger than sports. Neither I nor Virat nor any other player of the team. If there is confusion or differences between a person, then the continuity with which we have played is not possible. I have been part of the dressing room for some time and this kind of nonsense has never happened. 

Good harmony with Ravi Shastri

On one of the questions asked about the coach, Kohli said, “The CAC has not contacted me till now. If they want to know my point of view then I will definitely tell. There is good harmony with Ravi Bhai. We will be very happy if they remain the same coach. But, then I will say this has not been talked about so far. “

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