Virat Kohli Retains Top Slot in Celebrity Brand Valuation Study for Fourth Year

Virat Kohli Retains Top Slot in Celebrity Brand Valuation Study for Fourth Year

Virat Kohli Retains Top Slot: Duff & Phelps has released the list of India’s Most Valued Celebrity in 2020. In this, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli confirmed his place at the top for the fourth consecutive time. Kohli has a brand value of US $ 237.7 million (about Rs 1733 crore). Duff and Phelps have named this report ‘Embracing the New Normal’. Kohli is the only player in the top-10 list in the report. The remaining 9 celebs are associated with the film world. 2 of them are female actresses.

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Kohli is India’s Largest Brand

Kohli currently has more than 30 brands in its portfolio. There has been no decrease in their brand value and they have remained the choice of many brands continuously for 4 years. Whereas, the brand value of top-20 celebs, apart from them, has decreased by 5% i.e. $ 1 billion (Rs 7292 crore).

Akshay at Second and Ranveer at Number Three

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is second in most valued celebs with $ 118.9 million (around Rs 867 crore). Their brand value has also increased by 13.8%. Whereas, Ranveer Singh remains in his third position for the second consecutive year. His brand value is $ 102.9 million (about Rs 750 crore).

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Shahrukh at Number Four and Deepika at Number Five

Shah Rukh Khan is at the fourth position with $ 51.1 million (about Rs 372 crore). At the same time, the brand value of Deepika Padukone has decreased. They have moved from third to fifth position at $ 50.4 million (about Rs 367 crore). Alia Bhatt is at sixth position with a brand value of $ 48 million (about Rs 349 crore). Virat Kohli Retains Top Slot.

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Preparation of Report Based on Product Endorsement Portfolio

According to this report, the brand value is modeled on the product endorsement portfolio of celebs and relative social media presence. This report is designed keeping in mind both Corona’s impact on the celebrity’s brand value and the celebrity endorsement space.

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