Root vs Virat Who Big Batsman: A Till Face to Face in 4 Test Series

Root vs Virat Who Big Batsman

Root vs Virat Who Big Batsman: If India-England teams clash with each other, then it is not just two teams. The two modern Era veteran batsmen also play side by side. These two batsmen are Team India captain Virat Kohli and England captain Joe Root. Both players have appeared face-to-face in the Test series four times in their careers so far. The two dominated each other twice.

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2012-13: Routes Which Dominated the Debut Test

Virat and Joe Root met face-to-face for the first time in Test cricket in a series played in India in 2012. Root made his debut in the last Test of the series in Nagpur. England were ahead 2–1 after three matches and to defeat India in India it was necessary to save or win their Nagpur Test. England, playing 145 overs in the first innings, decided that they would either win or draw in the match.

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Root batted for nearly 5 hours in his first innings and scored 73 runs off 229 balls. He scored an unbeaten 20 in the second innings and was a test draw. Root scored 93 runs in 1 Test at an average of 93. At the same time, Virat played the entire series and scored 188 runs in four Tests at an average of 31.33. England took the series and the young batsmen were named as Moral Victory Joe Root.

Root Won the Match Unilaterally in 2014

The next encounter of the two legends took place in the 2014 Test series played in England. Virat was able to score just 134 runs in 5 Tests in this series with an extremely poor average of 13.40. At the same time, Root scored 518 runs in 5 Tests with an average of 103.60 like Bradman. Root vs Virat Who Big Batsman.

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Virat Overturned in 2016-17

After losing the opening two series with Joe Root, Virat overturned in 2016-17. The series was played in India and Virat scored 655 runs in eight innings of 5 Tests at an average of 109.16. This included two centuries and two half-centuries. Root also batted well, but he could not touch the scale of Virat Kohli. Root scored 491 runs in 10 innings of 5 Tests at an average of 49.10.

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In 2018, Virat Defeated Root in England

In 2016-17, when Virat performed well from the root, it was said that he played better on his pitches. If you show runs in England, it will be considered. Virat also completed this wish of critics in 2018. The captain of Team India scored 593 runs in 10 innings of 5 Tests in that English Summer at an average of 59.30. That too with 2 best centuries. Root scored 319 runs in 9 innings of 5 Tests. The average was just 35.44 and the century is just one.

Overall Virat Played Three Tests More and Scored 149 Runs More

Ever since Virat started face-to-face with Root in Test cricket, he has scored 1570 runs at an average of 49.06 in 19 Tests against England. This includes 5 centuries and 5 half-centuries. At the same time, Root has played 16 Test matches and scored 1421 runs at an average of 56.84. This includes four centuries and 9 half-centuries. That is, Virat is ahead in the run, then the routes are better in the average. After four series, these two superstars are on par with a scoreline of 2–2. Starting on 5 February, the series can act as a tiebreaker between them.

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