National Sport Day: Today is the Birthday of Hockey Magician Major Dhyan Chand, Know Special Things

National Sport Day: Today is the Birthday of Hockey Magician Major Dhyanchand

National Sport Day: A twisting of the wrist, a glimpse of the eyes, a sharp bend and then a vigorous round of Dhyan Chand. When Hockey magician Major Dhyan Chand landed on the field, he saw a similar charisma. Fans of his game are present not only in India but in every corner of the world. Even the German dictator Adolf Hilter was fond of his charismatic game.

Sports Day is celebrated on 29 August on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand. The players of the city are illuminating the name of the city all over the world today by inspiring Major Dhyan Chand stories from childhood. The game of hockey which Major Dhyan Chand has made in India, now in the same game, the players of Gwalior have made a mark not only in the country but in the whole world. With this, the name of Gwalior is now making its mark in every genre of sports like basketball, mix martial arts, karate, tennis.

On the occasion of Sports Day, when News Beed spoke to these players. they said that there is hardly any player whose inspiration is not distracted. Players say that now the sports culture in the city is getting very rich. and as a result of this, international players are coming out in different sports from here.

Dhyan Chand Represented India in the 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympics. India won the medal three times.

The City’s Sports Culture is Getting Better

Ayushman Arjaria, who represented the country in the Under 14 Bimbledon, says that a very good sports culture is developing all over the country. The sports culture of the city is also becoming very good. The urge to win in the game motivates you. We are all inspired by the stories of the sports legend.

Dhyan Chand’s Stories Inspire

Harshvardhan Singh Tomar, who represented the country in the Indian National Team in basketball, says the city has very good facilities for some sports. There is still scope for facilities in sports such as basketball and cricket. Major Dhyan Chand’s name comes up whenever we talk to each other. We often discuss his story of the final match in Germany. From this we learn that nothing is magic in sports, but everything is hardwork.

The Stories of Major Dhyan Chand have Grown Up

We used to hear that Major Dhyan Chand used tripling of the ball on the railway lines. says Ishika Chaudhary, who represented the country in hockey at the Youth Olympics. We used to think how this is possible. There are so many stories of Major Dhyan Chand whom we used to get thrilled to hear. The city has very good facilities for hockey. At the academy, emerging sports players are also getting international exposure, proper diet and education. National Sport Day.

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