Kevin Pietersen Said – IPL 2020 Should Kick Start the Cricket Season

Kevin Pietersen Said – IPL 2020 Should Kick Start the Cricket Season
  • BCCI Postponed IPL to Start from 29 March Due to Coronavirus Till 15 April
  • Pietersen Said – Tournament Should be Held in Three Safe Stadiums without Spectators

Kevin Pietersen Said: The cricket tournament of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been in trouble due to the ever increasing outbreak of Coronavirus. Meanwhile, former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has suggested the IPL. He said that if possible, the 13th season of IPL should be held. The tournament should not be held in three safe stadiums without fans, so that there is no threat to the spectators’ lives.

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Peterson said that this time the format of the IPL may also be shorter. This time the tournament may end in three or four weeks. Last month, the BCCI postponed the IPL starting from March 29 to April 15 due to corona and visa restrictions. The first match was to be between the defending champions Mumbai Indians and Chennai Superkings.

All Cricket Matches Should be Held in the Empty Stadium: Langer

At the same time, former Australian cricket Justin Langer told BBC Radio, “When you start playing cricket, when you are young today, there is no crowd in front of you. You played cricket then, because you like the game. You like to play with your teammates and you like to play. Due to the love of this game, more people are still able to entertain people through TV sets and radio. This is why it is important to have a match in an empty stadium. It will be a little different, but we should never ignore how fortunate we all are. “

Every Player is Desperate to Play IPL

The English player told the Star Sports Channel, “Let us also come soon, July-August. I believe that this season of IPL should also be done. Every player in the world wants the same and he is also desperate to play. Along with the players and franchisees, the IPL holds great importance for those who work behind the scenes. One should also find a way that the franchisee can earn some money. For example, all matches are held in three safe stadiums without spectators. You can limit it to three or four weeks. 

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