IPL 2020 Winner Prize Money Half, Know How Much Money the Champion will Get Now

IPL 2020 Winner Prize Money Half
  • Indian Premier League Runner-up Will Now Have To Be Satisfied with Rs 6.25 Crore Instead of 12.5 Crore
  • The BCCI had Already Banned Opening Ceremonies as Part of The Campaign to Reduce Costs

The prize money of Indian Premier League (IPL) winners and runner-up teams has been halved. The BCCI has informed all franchises about this. The winner received Rs 20 crore last season. 12.5 crore to the runner-up. In this year, i.e. IPL 2020, this amount will be halved. That is, the winner will get 10 carries and the runner-up will get 6.25 carries. IPL 2020 Winner Prize Money.

A few months ago, the Board of Control for Cricket in India made it clear that the opening ceremony was being closed. Then a board official had said that this step has been taken to stop wasteful expenditure.

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IPL will Start From March 29

This year, the IPL is being organized from 29 March. Prior to this, the BCCI has taken strict steps to prevent cost cutting. A notification has also been issued for this. According to the news agency, 20 million rupees were given to the winning team in IPL 2019. This year this amount will be half i.e. Rs 10 crore. Likewise, the runnerup will get only Rs 6.25 crore instead of 12.5 crore. Each of the teams who lose in the qualifiers will have to be satisfied with Rs 4.3 crore. IPL 2020 Winner Prize Money.

All Franchises Financially Strong

A BCCI official said, “All the franchises are strong. Apart from his sponsorship, there are many other ways to earn money. So it has been decided to have the prize money. ” The State Cricket Association, which organizes IPL matches, will continue to receive Rs 1 crore. The board gives 50 lakh rupees.

Franchise Unhappy

Franchisees are unhappy with the BCCI’s move. Speaking to a news agency, a South India, franchise official said, “The playoff standing fund has been reduced. We are not happy with this. We were not even discussed about it. Now we will talk among ourselves. “

Strictness on Officers as Well

According to the information, the BCCI has also decided that mid-level officers will no longer get business class air tickets to travel to Asian countries. According to the board, for countries whose travel time is less than 8 hours, this rule will apply. These countries include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE.

There will be No Opening Ceremony

In November, a BCCI official, speaking to the English website ‘Indian Express’, described the expenditure on the inauguration ceremony as wasteful or a waste of money. He had said, “The opening ceremony of IPL is wasteful. The audience is also not interested in it. For this, we have to spend a lot of money. ” The BCCI issued a statement after the IPL 2019 opening ceremony was canceled. It said, ‘The ceremony costs around 20 crores. We have decided that out of this, 11 crore will be given to the Indian Army, 7 crore CRPF and 1 crore to the Navy and Air Force Relief Fund. ‘

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