GPS Tagging of Every Player in IPL: System will Alert You as Soon as You Step Out of the Bio Bubble

GPS Tagging of Every Player in IPL

GPS Tagging of Every Player in IPL: The 14th season of the IPL starts on 9 April. In view of the second wave of Corona in the country, the BCCI has decided to strictly follow the Corona Protocol. Under this, every player present in the bio bubble will be monitored. For this, the help of GPS device will be taken. Also, 4-4 Corona officers have also been appointed with each team for the entire league. The first match of the league will be played on April 9 between defending champions Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The final match will be held on 30 May.

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The Wristbands or Chains will Know Where the Bio Bubble Lies Next

Players stay in the bio bubble area and do not leave the area that has been set. A tracking device will be provided to all players to keep an eye on it. The device will be in the form of a wristband or chain that players will always wear when exiting the hotel room. This device will also help to prevent players from knowing or unknowingly breaking the bio bubble. This will let the players know which places they have to visit and which places fall under the bio-bubble. As soon as the players are out of the bio-bubble area, this device will sound and players will be alerted.

Quarantine will have to Stay Again for 7 Days If Bio Bubble Breaks

This device will be connected to the central panel. This will allow the board to know which players are violating the bio-bubble. Violations of the bio-bubble will require players to remain quarantined again for 7 days and undergo a corona investigation. The entry into the bio-bubble will be given only when the corona report is negative.

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The Last Time a UK Company Provided a Device

During the last season of IPL in the UAE, the UK company provided a tracking device in the form of wristbands. This time, players have not received such a device so far. According to IPL management, the device will soon be provided to all members of all teams.

Health App will Have to be Updated Daily

The players and their families staying with them will have to be updated on HealthApp daily in the morning, so that the medical team of BCCI can keep an eye. However, the details of the app have not yet been given to the teams. On the health app, they will have to provide regular body temperature information. Also every question has to be answered. GPS Tagging of Every Player in IPL.

Teams are Preparing Bio Bubble Themselves

All the teams have to prepare the bio-bubble in the hotel itself. Management of many teams has been involved in preparing bio bubble since the beginning of March. According to a senior IPL official, many teams including Mumbai Indians have booked the entire hotel and prepared a bio bubble. GPS Tagging of Every Player in IPL.

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Quarantine for 14 Days Till Taxi & Bus Driver Including Hotel Worker

All the employees of the hotels where the players are staying and the driver of the players’ bus have been kept for 14 days quarantine. Meanwhile, he was also subjected to regular corona checks. Their duty was imposed only after the negative report came. They cannot exit the bio bubble during the entire IPL. Not even our own house.

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