Gambhir Said- If Dhoni is Fit Then He Must Play, Such a Person Should not Pressurize Him to Retire

  • Gautam Gambhir said- this time IPL will be the name of the country, not any player or franchise, the tournament will change the mood of the country
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni had played the last match in the ODI World Cup semi-finals in July 2019, in which he lost to New Zealand.

Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir supported Mahendra Singh Dhoni and said that if he is fit then he must play. No one can pressure anyone to retire. Age does not even matter in cricket. If a player is in good form, he should keep playing.

Gambhir said on Star Sports’ cricket connected show, “Age is just a number. I believe if Dhoni hits the ball properly, if he is in good form and is enjoying the game. If they believe that batting at number 6 or 7 can win the country, then they must play. “

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Dhoni’s decision to retire is personal

He said, “Dhoni’s fitness is excellent, then he must return. Nobody can pressure anyone to retire. Many experts are putting pressure on Dhoni about his age, but I will again say that the decision to retire is Dhoni’s personal. When you start playing, it is your own decision. In the same way, when you have to leave cricket, this decision should also be your personal. “

This time IPL will be to change the mood of the country

Regarding IPL, former Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gambhir said, “It doesn’t matter where the tournament is taking place.” If it is happening in the UAE, then it is the best place to play cricket in any format. I believe that the biggest thing in this is that the tournament will also change the mood of the people of the country. It is not about any franchise win, batsman’s run or bowler’s wicket. It will only be about changing the mood of the country, so this time IPL will be the name of the country. “

Dhoni won Chennai IPL title 3 times

Former Indian captain Dhoni last played the semi-final of One Day World Cup in July 2019, in which he lost to New Zealand. Mahi played 90 Tests, 349 ODIs and 98 T20 Internationals. In 2015, he retired from Test cricket. Under his captaincy, Dhoni has led the country to victories in T20 in 2007 and ODI World Cup in 2011 and Champions Trophy in 2013. At the same time, he has won the title 3 times, taking command of Chennai Super Kings in IPL.

IPL will be held in UAE from 19 September to 8 November

Recently, IPL chairman Brajesh Patel had said, “The Governing Council meeting is going to happen soon, but we have fixed the schedule.” The tournament will take place in the UAE from 19 September to 8 November. We hope to get approval from the government soon. For the present, we will prepare guidelines for SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) i.e. Corona in a few days. Whether or not fans will get entry into the tournament depends on the decision of the UAE government. In this case, we will also write an official letter to the UAE government soon. “

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