Formula E race World Championship to be Held in India Next Year

Formula E race

For the first time in the country, an electric car is going to be a Formula E race. The purpose of this race is to give the message of saving the environment. Also to promote e-vehicle. A total of 11 teams will participate in the ABB Formula E World Championship going to be held in Hyderabad, in which 2 teams are Indian. Let us tell you that many new efforts are being made to promote electric cars across the country. Along with this, the subsidy is also being given by the government on the purchase of electric vehicles. Since then, there has been a rapid expansion in the electric vehicle segment in India during the last two to three years.

In the program, Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that such an event will give a boost to e-vehicles in the country. There will be aware of the environment among the people. This is a big event. Such events are necessary to promote green technology. Biofuel is the future of green hydrogen energy. With the help of this program, the dreams of PM Modi’s self-reliant India have to be realized.

When will the Program be

ABB Formula E World Championship is going to be held in Hyderabad on 11 February. This ‘e-racing car’ was launched at a colorful event held in Delhi on Friday night. This car runs at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 2.7 seconds. The Hyderabad E Prix is ​​the country’s first net zero carbon motorsports event.

Let us tell you that Formula One racing is very popular all over the world. This type of car racing is organized in most of countries of the world. This type of racing has already taken place in India on the Gautam Buddha circuit. Now this will be e-formula racing for the first time, which is very attractive in itself.

Batteries Cars will Run

On this matter, Special Chief Secretary of Hyderabad Municipal Administration Department Arvind Kumar has told that the first Formula One race in the country was held in Noida. In Formula E race, the cars run on batteries so there is less noise in it though the speed remains the same. Formula 1 requires a proper racing track, but for this race to be held in India, there will be a track but it will be the roads of Hyderabad. There are 18 cities all over the world, where this race has taken place. We are working as a host city to repair the road.

This race is being started from Hyderabad for the first time in India. There has been a tripartite agreement between Formula E and Telangana government and another promoter is also involved in it. The existing 2.8 km road near Hussain Sagar is being repaired. A new secretariat and India’s biggest Ambedkar statue is being built.

Two Teams are Participating from India’s Side

There are only four World Championships in motorsports, of which this is one. It is coming after 10 years of Formula One in India. Two Indian teams Mahindra and TCS Jaguar are also participating in this championship. There is a one-day event, qualifying in the morning and racing in the afternoon. A total of 11 teams from car companies like Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren, etc. will participate. This event will be broadcast live in 192 countries and millions of people around the world will be able to watch it.

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