CEO Satya Nadella Said on the Favorite Cricketer – to Choose Between Sachin and Virat is Like a Dilemma

CEO Satya Nadella Said on the Favorite Cricketer
  • Satya Nadella Said – Sixes off Anil Kumble’s Dream Come True
  • I Always Think That Poetry is Like Coding, It Expresses Emotion

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella loves cricket. He spoke to Microsoft’s India president Anant Maheshwari on the issue on Wednesday. Nadella said – choosing one of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli is like a dharma. I would say that Sachin was my favorite yesterday and today Virat.

Nadella, in his book Hit Refresh, has mentioned how cricket has affected his personal and professional life. The game gave him a lot of things from teamwork to his passion for competition. Nadella said, “It doesn’t depend where I am.” This beautiful game is always on my mind. Its joy, memories, drama, complexities and ups and downs have immense possibilities. “

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CEO Satya Nadella Mentioned Her First Meeting with Kumble

Nadella said- also mentioned her first meeting with Anil Kumble. He said – Kumble agreed to give me a ball and give me a chance to hit a six over it. I did this for the first time in my life. For me it was like living the dream. Nadella said that Kumble also runs a startup named Spectacom Technologies. In this, real time data of ball swing and power etc. are collected from the sensor fitted bat. Later it is assessed, which helps the players and coaches to improve their performance.

Coding Helpful in Both Liberal Arts and Science: Nadella

Nadella said that she loved history at school. He said that I always think that poetry is like coding. It expresses expressions correctly. Therefore, I think that coding can help you in liberal arts as well as science. Nadella was asked what they wanted to do. In response to this, he said that I wish I could read all the books bought by myself. With this I can do even better.

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