Anjali Create History in Debut Match, Took 6 Wickets without Giving Runs off 13 Balls

Anjali Create History in Debut Match
  • Anjali set a record against Maldives in South Asian Games, including a hat-trick
  • India’s best performance by Deepak Chahar in men, took 6 wickets for 7 runs against Bangladesh

Anjali Chand of Nepal set a world record for taking 6 wickets in 13 T20 balls without giving any runs in the International T20 on Monday. He made this record against the Maldives at the South Asian Games in Kathmandu. Anjali Create History in Debut Match and he took a hat-trick from her last 3 balls. The entire Maldives side were all out for 16 runs in 10.1 overs. Anjali broke the record of Malaysian bowler Mas Alyssa.

Alyssa took 6 wickets for 3 runs against China in January. Among India’s men, Deepak Chahar holds the best bowling record. He recently took 6 wickets for 7 runs against Bangladesh. It also included a hat-trick.

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Anjali Created a World Record

Anjali of Nepal set the best bowling record in T20 International. He took 6 wickets in just 2.1 overs bowling against Maldives. During this time, he did not score a single run on his ball. India’s Deepak Chahar set a world record by taking 6 wickets for 7 runs on 10 November. Deepak had taken a total of 6 wickets, including a hat-trick in the recent T20 series against Bangladesh.

Hat-Trick on Last 3 Balls

Not a single Maldives batsman who was dismissed by Anjali’s ball could open the account. However, not a single batsman in the team could cross the double-digit mark. Opener Hamza Niaz scored the highest 9 runs off 11 balls. Wicket Keeper Hafsa Abdullah was the second batsman to score runs for the team. He scored 4 runs off 10 balls. Three run extras found. Two Maldives batsmen were run out. Anjali Create History in Debut Match.

Nepal Won by Just 5 Balls

The Maldives team scored 16 runs, playing 10 overs and 1 ball, batting first. Only two batsmen managed to open their account. Opener Hamza Niaz scored 9 while Hafsa Abdullah scored 4 runs. Nepal had achieved the target of 17 runs in just 5 balls.

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