Arun Jaitley Death Anniversary: PM Modi Said, I Miss My Friend Very Much

Arun Jaitley Death Anniversary PM Modi Said, I Miss My Friend Very Much

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is among the tallest leaders and former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley death anniversary today (August 24). Jaitley also has a name among those who played an important role in the country’s politics. Jaitley’s name has always been included among leaders who have deep understanding from economy to law and politics to strategy. Arun Jaitley, being a scholar and a visionary leader, was also a skilled organizer. Throughout his political career, he kept the organization connected and played an important role in forming the government.

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Value of ideals

A special quality of Arun Jaitley’s personality was that his friends used to be in almost every party. Even his political opponents used to praise his strategy. Even the leaders who argued extensively with him in Parliament considered him as their partner. A friend who bypassed every difference and stood by for help. He rose above party politics to maintain relations with people and that is why his ideals in every party were valued.

From student leader to finance minister

His career started as a leader from Delhi University. He became the President of the Students Union in 1974 and never looked back after that. He was also associated with the JP movement and went to jail for raising his voice against the Congress. It was a time of emergency in which many leaders were put behind bars. One of them was Arun Jaitley. Also played the role of a successful lawyer as a career. Later traveled to the Finance Minister. While occupying this post, he did such work which his country had been engaged in for years. Giving importance to the tax reform system, he introduced GST in the country. Apart from this, bankrupt law and integration of banks are also included in his account. These are such works which gave new condition and direction to the economy of the country.

In 2000, Arun Jaitley became a cabinet minister in Attlee Bihari Vajpayee’s government. He later played the role of Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha and maintained a tradition of meaningful debate with all parties. Here too, his friendship with the leaders of other parties worked and he passed such bills which were difficult to even think about. Taking everyone into confidence, he pushed forward the government work. He had good relations with the Congress as well as other regional parties of the country. Its effect was also seen in Parliament when they easily passed every difficult bill. Arun Jaitley Death Anniversary.

Relationship with other parties

Jaitley’s relationship with leaders of other parties was not only political but also family. He was also married to the daughter of a powerful Congress leader. Jaitley was the son-in-law of Girdhari Lal Dogra, a former Congress MP and minister of Jammu and Kashmir. His mother-in-law is in Paia village of Hiranagar in Kathua district. Not only did BJP veteran Atal Bihari Vajpayee attend his wedding, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi also came to bless him. This was the time when Jaitley came into politics only a few years.

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitley died at the age of 66 in AIIMS, Delhi after a long illness last year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi considered him his special friend. On Jaitley’s death, his statement that ‘the friend with whom Arun Jaitley completed such a long journey to decorate dreams and fulfill his dreams, left his body today’ is enough to understand the friendship of the two. Let me tell you, at the time when Arun Jaitley died, Prime Minister was on UAE tour. Today, when Jaitley’s death anniversary, Prime Minister Modi released a video on Twitter and remembered his best friend Jaitley.

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