Shooting in Texas Nearby Odessa At Least Five People Killed, 21 Injured

Shooting in Texas America: Five people are reported to have died in the indiscriminate firing of two gunmen in Texas, USA. 21 people are said to be injured in this shootout. According to local police, two bombers fired on it. He first hijacked a truck and then started shooting indiscriminately at people. According to the information, the situation is under control and an attacker has also been killed.

The incident occurred in Odessa, near Midland, and police said a gunman was shot outside the Synergy movie theater. However, the shooter could not be identified. According to local media, the incident occurred at 3 pm local time on the highway connecting Midland and Odessa. Earlier, Midland Mayor Jerry Morales said that two people were killed and 20 others were injured in the shootout.

Cause of Attack not Revealed

At present, the reason behind this attack has not been revealed. According to the police officer, policemen have also been injured in this attack, whose status is not known at present. Police said a suspect was seen driving a Honda car in Midland, which later hijacked a US Postal Department truck in Odessa.

Appeal to People to be Careful

In a Facebook post, the Midland Police Department stated ‘There is no active shooter at this time. All agencies are investigating reports of possible suspects. Authorities have appealed people not to come out of the house on the road and take extreme caution. President Donald Trump tweeted that he had been informed of the incident by Attorney General William Barr. The FBI and law enforcement are investigating the case. Shooting in Texas Nearby Odessa.

Four Weeks After the Shootout

Let us know that this incident happened exactly four weeks after 22 people died in the El Paso Shootings, Texas. In addition, 24 people were injured.

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