Rohit will Score a Unique Century in Rajkot, He will be a first Player in the Country to do so

Rohit Sharma will Score a Unique Century in Rajkot

Captain Rohit Sharma will set a new record when the Indian team takes on India (Bangladesh vs Bangladesh) on Thursday. He will become the first cricketer from India to play 100 T20 matches as soon as he gets into this match. Rohit Sharma played his 99th T20 match on Sunday. They could not score much runs in this match and India lost the match. The second match of the T20 series between the two teams will be played in Rajkot on Thursday. Rohit will Score a Unique Century in Rajkot.

Rohit Sharma played 98 T20 matches before this series. MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) has also played similar matches. In this way, Rohit and Dhoni stood at par before the series. Now Rohit has left his former captain behind. Now Shahid Afridi is his target. This Pakistan all-rounder has played 99 matches. As soon as Rohit plays the match on Thursday, he will overtake Afridi.

Malik Played Most T20 Matches in the World

The world record of playing the most T20 matches in the world is in the name of Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik. He has played 111 T20 matches. Rohit Sharma and Afridi jointly number two in this case. Both have played 99–99 T20 matches. Rohit now has the opportunity to leave Afridi behind.

Suresh Raina is Ahead of Kohli

Talking about Indian players, Rohit Sharma has played the 99th T20 International match the most. MS Dhoni (98) is at number two. Among Indian players, Suresh Raina has played the most matches after Rohit and Dhoni. He has played 78 matches. Virat Kohli (72) is fourth and Yuvraj Singh (58) is at number five.

Rohit is the Top Scorer of T20

Rohit Sharma has scored 2452 runs in 99 matches. He is the highest run-scorer in T20 cricket. Virat Kohli is second in this case. He has 2450 runs in 72 matches. Rohit left Virat behind in the last match itself. Rohit also has the most sixes in T20 cricket. He has hit 106 sixes. Rohit will Score a Unique Century in Rajkot.

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