Ram Navami 2021: Know Why and How Ram Navami is Celebrated

Ram Navami 2021

Ram Navami 2021: The special significance of Rama Navami is stated in Sanatan Dharma. The festival of Ramnavami is celebrated on the Navami date of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. This auspicious date is on Wednesday, April 21. On this day Lord Rama was born in Cancer Ascendant in Punarvas Nakshatra. But this time due to Corona, curfew has been imposed in most places and all major temples have been closed in Ayodhya. Let’s know how and why Ram Navami is celebrated.

This is Why Ram Navami is Celebrated

Lord Vishnu destroys iniquity in every age and incarnates in every age to establish religion. In Tretayuga, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Sita by Rama and Mother Lakshmi. On the day Srihari was born with the womb of Mata Kaushalya at King Dasharatha, the day was the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Hence this date is celebrated as Rama Navami. Also, this day is also the last day of Chaitra Navratri. Lord Rama never used to distinguish between man and woman and also did not distinguish between the high and low prevalent in the society. He devoted his entire life to the welfare of the society.

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Worship Rama Navami in This Way

For the birth of Maryada Purushottam Shriram, after bathing in the Brahma Muhurta, wear clean yellow colored clothes and take a vow to fast. Sit with some material from the place of worship of the house. Being a Vishnu incarnation, Tulsi and lotus flower will be mandatory in the worship of Ramji. Take a garrison, on which a red cloth is spread and install a picture or idol of Ram Darbar on it. After this, sprinkle Gangajal and make Ashtadal out of rice. Place a copper urn on the Ashtadal and light a square lamp on it.

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If you want, you can cradle the idol of Ramlal and do Rama Aarti or you can recite Vishnu Sahastranam. After this, offer kheer, fruits and sweetmeats. On this day you can perform Kirtan by immersing yourself in the devotion of Rama. Ramcharit Manas and Rama Strota can also be recited. Also listen to Ram Katha in the evening. Keeping fast of Ramnavami brings happiness, prosperity as well as peace and blesses Lord Rama.

Story of Ram Navami

In Hindu scriptures, along with Rama, a legend has been told about the birth of three brothers. King Dasharatha had three queens Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi but none of them had any children, so King Dasaratha performed a sonishti yajna. The three queens ate the kheer that came out of the sacrificial fire. After some time I got to hear the good news of King Dasharatha i.e. the three queens had conceived.

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Importance of Ram Navami

It is mentioned in Agastya Samhita that it was noon when Prabhu Shri Ram was born. Along with this was Punarvasu Nakshatra, Cancer Lagna and Aries zodiac. The scriptures state that at the time of Lord Rama’s birth, the Sun and the 5 planets were in auspicious sight. In the midst of all this special yoga, Shri Ram was born. Along with this, Goswami Tulsidas started the creation of Ramcharitmanas in Ayodhya on the occasion of Ram Navami. Not only in India but also abroad, this festival is celebrated with pomp. On this day all manglic works can be done without any thought or consideration.

Navratri 2021 Ram Navami Auspicious Time

Chaitra Navratri Navami Tithi will begin on April 21, 2021 from 00:43 pm
Chaitra Navratri Navami date ends – April 22, 2021 at 00:35 pm
Auspicious time for Ramnavami Puja and Havan: from 11 in the morning to 02 in the morning at 01 to 38 in the afternoon
Ram Navami Mid-Time: 12 noon to 20 minutes

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