Miss World 2019: Jamaica Toni Became Miss World and India’s Suman Secured Third Place

Miss World 2019 Jamaica Toni Became Miss World
  • Suman Rao, who represented India in Miss World 2019 Beauty Contest, is at number three.
  • After becoming Femina Miss India in June, Suman came to her native village of Idana in Rajsamand.

The beauty of Jamaica, Toni Ann Singh has won the title of Miss World-2019. Miss France Opelie Mejino finished second and Miss India Suman Rao finished third. The final leg of the competition was held in London on Saturday.

In the final leg of Miss World-2019 competition, 23-year-old Tony Ann Singh of Jamaica enthralled the audience by singing a song by American singer Whitney Houston. The special thing is that this time both Miss Universe and Miss World have become black beauties.

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Everyone is Congratulating My Father, Nobody has Even Taken Mother’s Name: Suman

  • “Even today there is a gender difference in our society. Still men are given credit more than women. My parents got immense support in getting the crown of Miss India. Whereas today all of me and father is welcome in my village Ratan Singh is thanking him. Nobody even took my mother Sushila’s name. “
  • “Nobody becomes Miss India only on the basis of beauty. The whole Theme works for it. I never had a dream to become Miss India. My vision was to become a CA just by studying. I interviewed Miss India Organization Worked on the theme of gender inequality (distinction between boys and girls). It was because of this that I got the title of Miss India. “
  • “In the future, while maintaining this theme, I will work towards eradicating the differences between boys and girls. I will take this theme for the Miss World Contest. There is a need to work towards removing the veil of rural women.”

Daughters are not Less Than Sons, Then why is This Distinction so far in villages?

Suman had told that the Miss India Organization liked my theme on the difference between boy and girl. My village became an assistant to the Idana Laboratory to work on this issue. Idana came a month and a half ago. Realized here that there is no gender equality in our village. Girls have not got freedom to live freely. No mother should commit a sin like feticide or throwing girls into the gutter, this is to explain that daughters are not inferior to sons.

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