Lockdown Phase 2 Explained: Government Guidelines – Mask Out of the House is Necessary, Tobacco Alcohol will not Sell

Lockdown Phase 2 Starting Today
  • For the Common People: Buses, Trains, Flights, Schools, Colleges, Shopping Malls, Ban on Religious Gathering, will not be Able to go to other District or State.

Phase-2 of lockdown has started in the country against Corona from Wednesday. It will run until 3 May. Meanwhile, the central government released new guidelines for lockdown. It clarifies that wearing masks in public places and working places will be mandatory. Spitting at a public place will require punishment and a fine. Points 5 to 20 are mentioned in detail for services that will continue after April 20. It contains things related to hospitals, farming, government-private offices and industries.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday extended the lockdown issued by 21 days across the country by 19 days. He had said that this time the rules to get out of lockdown will be very strict, where the corona will not spread, there will be conditional exemption of some essentials from April 20. The lockdown of the first phase was from 25 March to 14 April. Lockdown Phase 2.

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Guidelines Regarding Public Place

  • It will be necessary to apply masks at public places and work places.
  • It will be the responsibility of the in-charge of public place, work place and transport services to follow social distancing according to the instructions of the government.
  • The manager of any institute or public place will not be allowed to deposit 5 or more people simultaneously.
  • The direction of the District Magistrate on marriage or funeral will be valid.
    Spitting at a public place will also be accompanied by a fine.
  • There will be a ban on the sale of alcohol, gutkha and tobacco products.

Guidelines Regarding Work Place

  • All institutions must provide thermal screening and sanitization of employees.
  • It will be necessary to give one hour gap during shift shift. Social distancing will have to be specially taken care of during lunch.
  • Employees should be encouraged to work from home if there is an elderly person over 65 years of age or children below 5 years of age.
  • All employees in the private and government sector have to promote the use of the Arogya Setu app.
  • All institutions should get the office or campus sanitized at the end of the shift.
  • Meetings will not be held on a large scale in the institute or office.

These Facilities Closed Till 3 May

  • All types of domestic and foreign flights (excluding movement and cargo due to security reasons) will remain closed.
  • All types of movement of passenger trains (except safety reasons) will remain closed.
  • Buses used in public transport will not run.
  • Metro rail services will remain closed.
  • Except for medical reasons, all other people will not have movement from one district to another and from one state to another.
  • All types of education, training and coaching institutes will remain closed.
  • All types of commercial and industrial activities will be closed except those who are allowed.
  • Hospitality services will not run except those who are allowed.
  • Auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, taxis and cab services will remain closed.
  • All cinema halls, shopping malls, shopping complexes, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls and the like will also not open.
  • Types all of social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural and religious ceremonies or gatherings will not be allowed.
  • All kinds of religious places and places of worship will remain closed for the common people. The religious gathering must be strictly closed.

Selected Activities will be Allowed From April 20

Keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the common people, it has been decided to allow some selected activities from April 20. The state government and district administration will allow these activities strictly following the guidelines. Before granting permission, it will be the responsibility of the State Governments to see if there are preparations like social distancing in the offices that are being asked to start. Lockdown Phase 2.

Hospitals will Open, Medicine Shops will Also Open

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, telemedicine services.
  • Dispensaries, Chemists, Pharmacy, Jan Aushadhi Kendras including all types of drug shops and
  • medical equipment shops.
  • Medical Lab and Collection Center.
  • Pharma and Medical Research Lab, Corona research institute.
  • Veterinary hospital, dispensary clinic, pathology lab, sale of vaccines and medicines.
  • Supply chains that work for all authorized private institutions, home care, diagnostic and hospitals providing essential services to prevent corona.
  • Manufacturing units manufacturing pharmaceutical, pharma, medical devices, medical oxygen, packaging materials and raw materials connected to it.
  • Construction of medical, health infrastructure including ambulances.
  • People involved in all types of medical, veterinary services, scientists, nurses, paramedical staff, lab technicians, midwives and ambulances will continue to move in and out of the state for hospital related services.

All Activities Related to Farming will be Allowed

  • Farmers and others working in the fields.
  • Agencies procuring agricultural produce, including MSP operations.
  • Mandis notified by state governments.
  • Farming machines and their spare parts shops will be opened.
  • Custom hiring centers will be affiliated with the farm machinery.
  • The manufacture and distribution of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds will continue.
  • Farming machines such as harvesters and other things will be able to move in and out of the state.

Online Studies / Distance Learning will Continue

  • All educational, training, coaching institutes will remain closed.
  • All such institutes can continue their studies through online.
  • Doordarshan and other educational channels can be used for studies.

Movement of Goods / Cargo

  • All kinds of goods will be able to move.
  • Goods and parcels can be sent via railway.
  • Planes can also be used to carry cargo, help and evacuate people
  • Ports will provide LPG, food and medical supplies inside and outside the country.
  • There will be movement of trucks and vehicles carrying goods needed by road. This will allow two drivers and a helper. Valid driver license for this
  • It will be necessary to keep. By delivering the goods, the truck will be able to return empty or replenished.
  • Shops and dhabas will open on the highway for truck repair. The State / UT Administration will ensure that the minimum distance remains.
  • There will be movement of railway / airports / ships / submarine / port staff and contract workers. For this they will be given a pass from the local administration. From local administration
  • The pass will be issued only when the authority concerned approves it.

All Central Offices and Its Associated Offices will Open

  • Armed Forces, Health and Family Welfare, Disaster Management, Meteorological Department, Central Information Commission, FCI, NCC, Nehru Yuva Kendra and Custom Offices will be functioning without interruption.
  • The presence of the Deputy Secretary and above all officers in the Ministry, their departments and related offices will be mandatory. Apart from these, the remaining 33 percent staff will remain in office.

The Offices of the States / Union Territories and Their Associated Offices will Also be Open.

  • Police, Home Guards, Civil Defense, Fire and Emergency Services, Disaster Management, Jails and Urban Bodies will continue to function.
  • In addition there will be work in other departments of states with limited number of staff. Group A and B officers will come to the office if required. Working with 33 per cent of employees in Group C and below.
  • The district administration and treasury will work with a limited number of employees. However, employees engaged in the delivery of essential services will be exempt.
  • Forest Department employees will be able to work in zoos, nurseries, tree irrigation and overcoming forest fires. Lockdown Phase 2.

Important Instructions to Implement Lockdown

  • It will be the responsibility of all districts to strictly follow the lockdown. Strict action will be continued against those who violate it.
  • It will be necessary to follow the government directives issued for lockdown in all industries, work places and offices.
  • Collectors will deploy local executive magistrates as incumbent commanders to ensure lockdown. Incident commander will have full responsibility for lockdown in an area.
  • Incident commanders will ensure that resources, laborers and essential goods are transported from one place to another. Apart from this, we will also look into the responsibility of enhancing the infrastructure of the hospital if needed.

Punishment Provision

If a person breaks the rules of lockdown, then a case will be registered under Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and Section 188 of the IPC.

Why Lockdown Until 3 May Instead of 30 April?

Several states had extended the lockdown by April 30. The Prime Minister has extended the total lockdown across the country to May 3 instead of April 30. It is believed that he did this because May 1 is the public holiday of Labor Day. Maharashtra, where the highest number of corona cases have been reported, falls on Maharashtra Day on 1 May. It is Saturday on May 2 and Sunday on May 3. If the lockdown opened on weekends, people would go out in large numbers. Hence the lockdown has been kept till May 3 instead of April 30. Lockdown Phase 2.

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