Is Google Looking for a Replacement for CEO Sundar Pichai, Did You Apply

Is Google Looking for a Replacement for CEO Sundar Pichai

Millions of people around the world were surprised when Google was job postings for the CEO’s high profile job. There were many such people who did not want to leave the spot by hand and they applied immediately. Opening was to become Google’s CEO, i.e. to take the place of the beautiful Pichai. Later it was found that this was due to a security bug. LinkedIn later admitted that there was a security bug, which allows users to post job opening from any company’s linked page. It was seen on the job page of the unofficial listing company and it looked like the other openings. Is Google Looking for a Replacement for CEO Sundar Pichai.

News Spread Fast Between People

Michelle Rijandors posted this Job Opening for the replacement of Google CEO, with mixed responses from LinkedIn users. One user wrote, I’m applying for the rank of Google CEO on LinkedIn. Beautiful are working so far Google’s second quarter earning is also good, due to this opening is surprisingly unimaginable. LinkedIn responded on this, Thank you Mitchell Randors, for bringing this information into our information. We have removed this job posting from our platform and we are trying to find out how this post went live.

LinkedIn is basically a platform for conversations about his career. Creating a Job Post on LinkedIn requires a Premium Subscription, but doing so in Michele Free. LinkedIn said that this platform is not for fake jobs. LinkedIn made clear that we are committed to not allowing fake jobs to reach their platform and members.

Users Angry and Amazing Among

It was a complete security bug. After seeing the post of Google CEO Job Vacancy from Regents, when people came to know that this post is a post, they also got angry and expressed surprise on it. However, later Linkdin thanked the Regenders for bringing such a bug out. Linkedin said on behalf of ‘We have given this post an insertion.’ This reduction will be removed soon as well. On behalf of LinkedIn, users were assured that this is the real platform for the career, do not throw it. Is Google Looking for a Replacement for CEO Sundar Pichai.

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