Howdy Modi: PM Modi Attack on Pakistan in America, He Said the Slogan Abki Baar Trump Sarkar

  • Modi Said- Those Who do not Care for Their Country also have Trouble with 370
  • After the Address was Over, Modi Walked Around the Stadium in Houston to hold Trump’s hand and Greet People

Howdy Modi: During Howdy Modi, a different chemistry was seen between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump. On Sunday, the two leaders arrived together to address the Indian community. While Modi recalled the slogan of ‘Abki Bar, Trump Sarkar’, Trump praised India and the Modi government. Trump also mockingly asked Modi if he would be invited to watch an NBA basketball match in Mumbai next week? At the same time, Modi described Trump as an expert in the ‘Art of the Deal’.

Trump knows everyone on earth: Modi

Inaugurating the address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said- “Good morning Houston. Good morning Texas.and America. We have a very special person (Donald Trump) with us. They do not need any introduction. Everyone present on this earth is familiar with his name. His name appears in every conversation that takes place in the context of global politics. He was well-known even before attaining the highest position in a great country like America. Modi has traveled from CEO to Commander-in-Chief, from politics to economy and security matters. He has left his mark everywhere. It is an honor for me that the President is here today. “

‘This time, Trump government’

Modi said, “Whenever I meet him (from the President), I find his friendly, warm and energetic personality. US President Donald Trump… This is an extraordinary and unprecedented moment. Whenever we met each other, their attitude was always good and positive. I am also convinced of his leadership, his passion for America and his resolve to make America great again. They have made the American economy strong again. They have given a lot to America. Friends! We feel connected to this slogan ‘Abki Bar, Trump Sarkar’ by India’s President Trump. He also celebrated Deepawali among Indians. When I first met him, he said that India’s true friend is sitting in the White House. Your presence here today is a witness to this fact. “

Trump said- Prime Minister Modi! Would you call me to watch an NBA match in Mumbai?

Modi Said the Slogan Abki Baar Trump Sarkar

The US President said, “We welcome investment from India. Countries around the world are investing in the US, because we have the best economy in the world. Indians have never invested in America as much as they are doing today. We are committed to increase US exports to India. We want to make the products of Make in USA brand accessible to Indians. Thousands of people will gather to watch the first NBA game in Mumbai next week. Will you send me invitation Prime Minister Modi? I can come I can come. “

‘Indians make America proud’

Referring to the achievements of his administration, Trump said, “The economy has broken many records in my administration in America. For the first time, minorities and women are getting work opportunities. We have made the biggest tax cuts in American history. The Prime Minister and I have come here to celebrate everything that unites Indians and Americans. We are proud of the 4 million Indians in America. You too have contributed to making America proud. My administration is always there for you. “

‘America and India together will lift people out of poverty’

“Finally, I would like to say that America has always been a country of patriots and risk-takers,” Trump said. Every day Indians settled in America are writing a new story. America and India are creating a new future. We are strengthening our relationship with India for this approach. Together we will take the relationship forward. We will create new technology together and work to bring people out of poverty. We will pursue our values. America and India together will make their countries great, citizens prosperous. I thank Prime Minister Modi, the great leader and man of India Howdy Modi “

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