How to Start Journaling


Picking up a notebook or a simple a4 paper to start journaling is no easy task for anyone. It takes planning, time, and consistency for someone to begin writing on a piece of paper and pouring out his emotions as well as experiences. Words may be difficult to think about. Habits may be hard to develop. And the urge to share your daily encounters with life may be challenging to do. To start journaling may be tough but it is not impossible to do. Read on to find out how to effectively start journaling.

Ways on How to Start Journaling

Find the paper that you want to write on

The first step in journaling is finding the paper that you will use. Remember that you will use the paper every day to write your experiences, mishaps, successes, and failures in life. You should choose the kind of paper that suits your preference. You would not want to use a type of paper that is hard for you to write on.

You may want to start on a simple a4 paper to develop the habit. The thickness of the paper depends on the type of journaling that you would like to do. If you will draw and paint your journal, you may opt to choose a thicker one.

A notebook is also a nice journaling tool to use. It is smaller compared to an a4 paper. You can get paper with or without lines depending on your need. You are also able to choose from numerous designs that are available in the market today.

If you do not like using your hand when you do your journal, you can utilize your laptop, phone, or tablet. These devices are quite capable of helping you start journaling.

Do not Think of Others When You Start Writing

The only way that journaling will work is if you do not mind other people. Pouring your heart out in your journal will help you grow emotionally and build yourself up. You do not write for anybody else but you. Having this mindset will help you to open up more and not care about what people will say.

Your journaling notebook is a judgment-free collection of stories that you will make to remind you of your past so that you can make a better future.

Write Realistically

When you start journaling, you should set expectations realistically. If you cannot commit to writing in the journal every day, then do not force yourself to do it. Journaling is about enjoying the art of monitoring your progress through the pages that you make for yourself.

Have a Routine

For a journal to be effective, you should remind yourself to do it as well. Routines are made because of consistency. This consistency is caused by the motivation of the value that you hold onto. As you see journaling as an important aspect of who you are, then you make every effort to turn your journaling into a routine.

You can do this by reminding yourself through alarms and personal reminders. You can also keep track of it through tracks that you set for yourself.



As someone who wants to document your life and make reflections on the past to have a more meaningful future, it is best to start your journal right away. It is not about thinking about what to write but more about developing a habit of writing about it. If you have an a4 paper, you can go and start journaling. A notebook or personalized diary will also do as long as you begin the journey of contemplation in your life. Create a sustainable pattern or routine and keep at it.

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