How to Make a Career in Sports in India

India is a land of close to 1.5 billion people. And more people are being added to this count every day. Every person who is born wants to make it big. But in a country like India, with its ever-increasing population, it can be challenging to make a mark in the world. 

Those who are looking to shine in sports hardly get a chance to showcase their skills because of the lack of coaching, infrastructure, community support and money. A Sports Career in India is one of the most lucrative as sportspersons are worshipped in India but to get to the level where everyone knows their name and supports them, can be a very tough path to get to that level. 

Thanks to the changing scenario and the recognition that sports players get these days. Both government and private industries are paying attention to sports and making a change toward bringing new talent to light. 

India’s Sporting Front

India is a land that loves sports. Indians worship sports and sports players and place them equal to gods. But given all these facts. There is not much that is done in the country to train young kids and adults when it comes to sports. 

Schools and colleges have only a limited facilities and funding when it comes to training and coaching. And post those years in schools and colleges. The sports persons are pretty much on their own – with no coach of their own. No infrastructure to train or practice, and no money to fund the process. 

India has many wonderful talents, and many Indians are skilled in wrestling. Boxing, archery, tennis, table tennis, football, cricket, hockey, athletics, and other native sports such as Kabaddi. Many Indians have represented the country in the Asian Games. Commonwealth Games, Olympics, and the various other specific sports events of each sport both regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Given the fact that India is a credible sporting country with great undiscovered talent. There are hardly any steps that have been taken to correct this. The situation and to bring forth the best sports players every year. So that India can become a major sporting country winning plenty of Laurels like China, USA, etc. 

Most Indians, especially those in rural areas. Have no access to good coaches and the infrastructure to acquire good training. Lack of funding is one of the major reasons why most people give up on sports. But this scenario is slowly changing as private firms. Technological firms, and the government of India are slowly making efforts to bring forth good talent in sports. 

Forging a Career in Sports

To achieve a good Sports Career in India, a person must train from a young age. Most schools and colleges have limited facilities, therefore, private coaching in good stadiums or arenas with infrastructure to support the sports is necessary. 

New age technology is now making it easier for sports enthusiasts to connect with good coaches, avail good places to train with the perfect infrastructure, and the opportunity to bag sports scholarships so that they can further their passion for sports and be able to represent India in major leagues and sporting events. Finding a good coach and often competing in all formats is one of the best ways to make a sporting career in India. 

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