El Paso Shooting: Firing at a Walmart Store in Texas, 20 People Killed

El Paso Shooting

El Paso Shooting: A gunman killed 20 people in Texas on Saturday during the firing incident in the United States. A gunman armed with a assault rifle started firing indiscriminately on people shopping in a Walmart store. The incident of firing at the southern city of El Paso in Texas has caused panic among the people there. Police suspect it is probably the case of hate crime. while voices have started getting renewed to eliminate this pandemic from the gun.

Texas governor expressed grief over the incident. He said the day would have been like a normal day for people to go shopping. But it turned into one of the worst days in Texas history. “El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen Said that officials have received a declaration from the suspect and it is being investigated.

CCTV footage shows a gunman. In the US media, a man is shown wearing a black T-shirt with ear protector and an assault rifle. Police spokesman Sergeant Robert Gomez said the only suspected gunman is 20 years old. The first report of the shooting came to light around 10 am.

Police spokesman Sergeant Robert Gomez added, ‘We have secured the Walmart and we have secured the Cielo Vista Mall. We do not think there is any danger to the public at this time or there are any other shooters.

Firing also took place in June

Earlier in the last week of June, there were two firing incidents in Texas. According to the information given by the local police. one person was killed and two others were injured in the incident. A 28-year-old man was intentionally shot outside a Dallas strip club, according to the US news agency Xinhua. According to the police, the victim and the suspect were at the parking lot near the club. when the suspect started firing. El Paso Shooting.

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