Dhanteras 2020: Why Only Buy Gold on Dhanteras? What the Reason Behind This Tradition?

Dhanteras 2020

Dhanteras 2020: Dhanteras 2020: Why we buy gold on Dhanteras: Dhanteras comes two days before Diwali. There has been an Indian tradition of buying gold on this day. Although there is a worldwide fascination for gold and its purchase is done throughout the year, but its purchase to Dhanteras in India has religious and astrological significance. According to the ability, people shop for gold jewelery, coins etc. Regarding religious importance, it is said that gold is a symbol of prosperity and splendor. Therefore, buying it on the occasion of Dhanteras is auspicious.

Gold is the purest metal

Jyotishacharya Pandit Shyam Shankar Mishra says that gold is considered the purest. Due to this, Indians buy it on auspicious occasions like Dhanteras. Apart from this, he called gold donation as Mahadan. Gold donation has been a tradition for a long time. Diamond is also more expensive than gold, yet instead of buying gold on Dhanteras, the reason is that gold is the purest and it is considered auspicious. For this reason, it is purchased not only on festive occasions like Dhanteras but also at the time of sponsoring any auspicious work.

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On the Day of Dhanteras Auspicious Time of Lamp

This year, the auspicious auspicious time of worship of Dhanteras will start from 5 o’clock at 32 o’clock till 5.59 o’clock. This year, the auspicious time of worship is of 27 minutes. According to astrologers, it would be auspicious to donate lamps at this time.

What to Buy on the Day of Dhanteras?

The day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious for shopping. On this day people add new items to their home. It is believed that goods bought on this day are never spoiled and are very auspicious. Nevertheless, on the day of Dhanteras, these things must be purchased:

  • Usually people buy gold and silver jewelery on this day. But it is not sure that your pocket also allows it. But if it is a festival, then it is also necessary to celebrate it. In this case, you can buy gold or silver coins.
  • n the day of Dhanteras, Kubera, the god of wealth, is worshiped and silver is very dear to him. In such a situation, buying silver on this day is considered good. It is said that buying silver on the occasion of Dhanteras leads to increase in Yash, Kirti and Aishwarya. Not only this, silver is also considered a symbol of the moon, which brings coolness in the life of man.
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  • Buying metal utensils on this day is considered auspicious. Especially silver and brass are considered to be the main metals of Lord Dhanvantari. In such a situation, you should definitely buy silver or brass utensils on this day.
  • It is believed that Lord Dhanvantari was born with a urn in his hand during the sea churning. That is why it is considered auspicious to buy water filled utensils on the day of Dhanteras.
  • On this day, traders buy new ledger accounts, which are worshiped on the occasion of Deepawali.
    On this day, definitely buy different idols of Ganesh and Lakshmi. There is a law to worship these idols on Deepawali.
  • Buy Kheel-Batashe and small earthen lamps on this day. Buy a big lamp too.
  • Buying Shri Yantra of Lakshmi is also considered auspicious on this day.
  • Apart from this, you can also take other items of your house such as fridge, washing machine, mixer-grinder, dinner set and furniture.
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  • Buying a vehicle on this day is auspicious. But according to beliefs, one should not buy a vehicle in Rahu.
  • It is believed that Maa Lakshmi is very dear. Therefore, buy Kauris on Dhanteras and worship them in the evening. After Diwali, keep these cowrie in the vault of your house. It is believed that by doing this there is no shortage of money.
  • Coriander is very dear to Maa Lakshmi. Coriander seeds must be purchased on Dhanteras. It is believed that there is never a shortage of money in the house where coriander seeds live. After Deepawali, these seeds of coriander should be planted in the courtyard of the house.
  • You should buy a new broom on the day of Dhanteras. It is believed that the broom removes poverty. It is said that Lakshmi resides in a clean house and broom is the best means of cleaning.

The Symbol of the Guru is Gold

Jyotishacharya Pandit Sujit Shrivastava said that the biggest reason behind buying gold on Dhanteras is that it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold is the symbol of Lakshmi. Apart from this, the most important thing is that this yellow metal is the symbol of Guru. Because of this, there is a tradition of buying gold as a Guru or Lakshmi on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras. However, you are not bound to buy only gold because Lakshmi can be in the form of a religious book or pen. Therefore, one can buy religious book or pen etc. on this occasion.

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