Coronavirus LIVE: Know How Many Deaths in 194 Countries in the World, Death of Floyd Cardoz

Coronavirus LIVE Know How Many Deaths in 194 Countries in the World
  • 443 killed in 24 hours in Spain, more than 5 thousand new cases of infection were found here
  • Italy in Europe most affected by epidemic, 6 thousand 820 patients lost their lives so far
  • 20495 Deaths in 194 Countries in the World, Prince Charles and Deputy Prime Minister of Spain are also infected

Coronavirus LIVE: 194 countries of the world have been hit by Coronavirus. 20,495 people have died. 4 lakh 52 thousand 171 are infected. 1 lakh 11 thousand 942 patients were also cured. Italy and Spain are the worst affected. Famous Indian-origin chef Floyd Cardos died in the US late Wednesday due to a corona infection. At the same time, according to Britain’s Clarence House (Royal Residence), 71-year-old Prince Charles has been found to be Prince Corona positive. His wife Camilla has also been isolated. Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo was found infected with coronavirus on Wednesday night.

Spain Also Overtakes China in Terms of Deaths, 443 Deaths in One Day

After Italy, now Spain has overtaken China in terms of deaths. As of Wednesday afternoon, 3,434 people died of infection in Spain. The Health Ministry said that there were 5,552 new cases of infection in Spain on Wednesday when 443 people died. There have been 47610 total cases of infection in Spain so far. At the same time, 3,281 people have died in China. On 14 March in Spain, a lockdown was announced for 15 days. The lockdown in Spain can now be extended until 11 April.

Spain: Deputy Prime Minister Also Infected

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo was found infected with coronavirus on Wednesday night. According to reports, Calvo’s health was unreliable for four days. She was doing government work in Isolation from home. His first report on Wednesday night came positive. The Spanish government has ordered all of Calvo’s staff and others who have come in contact with them to go to Quarantine. A medical board will supervise all these. A total of 47,610 cases were reported in Spain as of Wednesday night. 3,434 infected have died. Coronavirus Live.

No Longer Floyd Cardoz

No Longer Floyd Cardoz

Famous Indian-origin chef Floyd Cardos was coronated on March 18 at a hospital in New York. Its result was positive. After this, 59-year-old Floyd was undergoing treatment in New Jersey. His company Hunger Inc. said in a statement, “It is being reported with great sadness that Chef Floyd Kardos has passed away on 25 March. He is left in his family to mother Beryl, wife Barkha and two sons Justice and Peter. “

Lockdown Ending in Italy from April 3, Situation Still Uncontrollable

In Italy, 743 people died in 24 hours. So far, 69,176 cases of infection have been reported, while 6 thousand 820 people have died. The lockdown in the country is coming to an end on 3 April. The government on Tuesday issued a new advisory to deal strictly with people who are negligent about coronaviruses. Coronavirus Live.

  • Corona-positive individuals can face up to five years in prison if they do not live in the house.
  • About 33 thousand rupees for violation of home quarantine. (400 Euro) to two lakhs 47 thousand rupees. (3,000 euros) may be fined.
  • Businesses that break rules designed to stop the virus from spreading can be closed for five to 30 days.
  • The government said that by July 31, the rules would be reviewed every month and they could be made stricter.

143 People Died in Iran in One Day

143 people have died in Iran in a single day. So far 2,077 people have died here, while 27017 people have been infected. President Hassan Rouhani said that more strict restrictions could be imposed on people to deal with coronaviruses. The government can announce it by Wednesday evening. Lockdown was not imposed in Iran until now. People were verbally appealed to stay indoors.

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