Coronavirus: Corona’s First Case Confirmed in Delhi, Positive Case Found in Telangana

Coronavirus Corona's First Case Confirmed in Delhi
  • 1-1 Cases Confirmed in New Delhi and Telangana in India: Ministry of Health
  • The Most Infection Outside China. In Korea, 4212 Cases so far, 26 Deaths

Coronavirus: In India, 1-1 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Delhi and Telangana. According to the Ministry of Health, the person who has been diagnosed with infection in Delhi returned from Italy a few days ago. While the young man found in Telangana came from Dubai. After this, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has advised citizens to avoid traveling to China, Iran, Korea, Singapore and Italy. He said that in view of the impact of the epidemic, travel restrictions could be imposed in other countries as well.

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He  said that passengers are being screened at 21 airports, 12 ports and 65 small ports in the country. So far, more than five lakh passengers have been screened at airports. While 12,431 passengers have been screened at big and small ports. Samples of 23 people have been sent for investigation. Their results are awaited.

3 Positive Cases Were Also Found in Kerala Before

Earlier, three cases of corona virus in Kerala were reported in Kerala. The three infected people were treated separately and kept in hospital. He was later discharged from Ashtapal. In this, one was being treated at Kanjangarh Government Hospital in Kasargod, while the other student was treated at the Alappuzha Medical College Hospital. Both were discharged from the hospital after improving their health.

2 killed in American

Meanwhile, US officials confirmed the second death in the country on Monday. US officials reported the second death in the country on Monday. Public Health – Seattle and King County, said in a statement that one person died on Friday and Saturday. At the same time, worldwide death toll has crossed 3 thousand, while 89,073 persons have been infected.

Coronavirus Spread Over 60 Countries

80026 in China, da. 4335 in Korea, 1694 in Italy, 978 in Iran, 256 in Japan, 130 in France and Germany, 106 in Singapore, 98 in Hong Kong, 89 in America, 89 in Spain, 84 in Bahrain, 45 in Kuwait, 42 in Thailand, 40 in Taiwan, 36 in the UK, 29–29 in Australia and Malaysia, 27 in Switzerland, 24 in Canada, 21 in the UAE, 19–19 in Norway and Iraq, 16 in Nayatnam, 14–14 in Sweden and Austria, Israel, 10–10 in the Netherlands, Macau and Lebanon, 8 in San Marino, 7-7 in Croatia and Greece, Ecuador, Oman, 6-6 in Finland, 5 in Mexico, Denmark, 4-4 in Pakistan, Qatar, Czech Republic, Georgia, Iceland, Philippines, Romania, 3-3 in Azerbaijan, Belgium. , 2–2 infected in Russia, Egypt, Brazil.

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