Boris Johnson: Corona Positive of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Modi Said- You Warrior

Boris Johnson Corona Positive of UK PM
  • Prince Charles and Prince Albert of Monaco have also been hit by Corona infection
  • Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock also infected, his secretary has already been infected

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been found to be Corona positive. On Friday, he shared this matter through video. Later, Health Minister Matt Hancock was also found infected. Johnson said he underwent a test at the behest of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, whose report has been positive. After this he has isolated himself. He said that he would work from home and would continue to play his responsibility through video conferencing.

 In such a situation, now the possibility of many ministers in his cabinet is also positive. The biggest threat is to his pregnant girlfriend Carrie Symonds. According to officials, care is being taken about the health of all. Carrie Symonds is isolated. If necessary, everyone will also be investigated. However, it is not yet known where Johnson got the infection from. He has not held any press conference for the last one week. Even the cabinet meeting on Tuesday was done through video conferencing. Earlier, the infection was confirmed in Britain’s Prince Charles and Health Secretary Nadine Doris Corona.

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The Lockdown Was Announced on 23 March

Johnson announced a lockdown in the UK on Monday 23 March. He had said that no one should leave their homes unless it is very important. At the same time, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak had said that the government has decided to pay salaries of those employees who are unable to work under this situation. The government will give 80 percent of the salary of those employees to the companies, from which they will not be fired. Under this, a salary up to 2500 pounds i.e. about two lakh 20 thousand rupees per month will be covered.

Modi Said- You Warrior, Will Also Overcome This Challenge

Prime Minister Modi made a tweet after Johnson got corona infected. Tagging the British PM, Modi wrote, “Dear PM Johnson, you are a warrior. You will also win this challenge. Will get out of this hard. “

Uncontrolled Situation in London

More than half (more than 3,000) of the country’s 9,529 confirmed cases are from London itself. Thursday (26 March) is the third day of lockdown in Britain. Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, a representative organization of heads of hospitals, said he was receiving information that the rate at which hospital beds are filling is very worrying because the number of personnel in hospitals is also decreasing due to infection .

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