Air India One, New Aircraft Coming from America for the PM and the President, Can Also Reverse the Missile Attack

Air India One, New Aircraft Coming from America for the PM and the President
  • India Deals to Buy Two Boeing-777ER Aircraft from USA
  • Delivery of one of these aircraft equipped with advanced system will be done in August itself.

The VVIP aircraft used for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind and Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu are expected to arrive from the US soon. Senior officials of Air India and Airforce have left for the US to bring this VVIP aircraft ‘Air India One’. It can also backfire by thwarting an aircraft missile attack.

India had signed a deal to buy two Boeing-777ER aircraft (Air India One) from the US. One of them is ready for delivery in August itself. All types of testing of Air India One (B-777) aircraft has been done. The interior finishing of the aircraft has also been completed. The Federal Aviation Administration of America has also given it its certificate.

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Will Protect You from Missiles, Can Also Backfire

  • Air, India One is equipped with a modern and secure communication system. In this, audio or video communication can be done during the flight itself. This communication cannot be hacked or tapped.
  • America’s Lyriccam defense system has been installed in it. This protects the aircraft from missiles. The system uses multiple sensors at once to detect attacks.
  • It can also retort automatically on a medium range missile. For this, the crew of the aircraft does not have to take any step on their own behalf. The pilots only receive information that the missile was detected and destroyed.

It also has a Medical Center and Conference Hall

  • VVIP aircraft coming from the US will replace the current Boeing B747 Jumbo Aircraft.
  • These ships also have a large cabin for VVIP, a mini medical center. There is also plenty of room for press conferences.
  • The rear seats are of economic class and the remaining seats are of business class. Air India One can fly continuously for 17 hours.

Airforce Pilots will Fly Aircraft

These aircraft will be flown by Airforce pilots instead of Air India. However, the maintenance of the aircraft will be carried out by Air India Engineering Service Limited (AIESL). The color of aircraft has changed completely from inside and outside. The color design of the aircraft was approved by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

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