14 Elephants Entered the liquor Store, 2 Drank 30 Liters of Alcohol and Slept in the Tea Garden, Read Amazing Story

  • The incident is from Menghai village in southwest China’s Yunnan province, its CCTV footage and photos are going viral.
  • According to the villagers, only two of the 14 elephants were furious and drank alcohol

A group of 14 elephants entered a liquor store room in a village in Yunnan province, southwest China. Elephants created a ruckus here, toppling the contents of the brewery. Two elephants also drank 30 liters of liquor made from maize kept there. After drinking alcohol, they got excited and left for the forest.

After this, a team of elephants reached the tea gardens. The balance of drunken elephants in the tea estate began to deteriorate. Both continued to support each other for a while. Then both of them slept there. The incident was captured in the village’s CCTV which is going viral.

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14 Elephants Entered the liquor Store

At the same time, Juju Bingbing shared pictures of elephants sleeping on alcohol, on Weibo and Twitter. Bingbing is a travel photographer. It has so far received one lakh 40 thousand likes.

The people of the Menghai village in the Xinhuangbana Dai province claim that only two of the 14 elephants had caused uproar in the store room and had consumed alcohol. After going viral on Twitter, officials in Yunnan province revealed that the incident happened last summer.

China’s Coronavirus Updates

Not a single case of corona virus has been reported in China for the third consecutive day. Corona virus has been completely controlled in China. Yes, some foreigners have reported cases of the corona virus. Meanwhile, seven more people have been confirmed dead in China due to the presence of Carono virus, bringing the death toll in the country to 3255.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) reported on Saturday that no new domestic case of COVID19 has been reported on China’s mainland for the third consecutive day on Friday.

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