Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses 2021’s First Mann Ki Baat: See Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses 2021's First Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday expressed grief over the violence on Republic Day in Delhi. He said that the country was also very sad to see the insult of the tricolor on 26 January. With this, he said that we have to fill the time with new hope and expectations. We have demonstrated extraordinary potential and we have to do so further.

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The fight against Corona has completed one year. Currently, India is running the world’s largest vaccination program. We are vaccinating our citizens at the fastest speed in the world. More than 30 lakh Corona Warriors have been vaccinated in 15 days. It took 18 days for the United States and 36 days for Britain. Our vaccination program is becoming an example in the world.

Some Messages of Modi Ji in Mann Ki Baat

The More Self Reliant, the More Able to Serve Humanity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Himanshu Yadav from UP wrote on the Namo app that the Made in India vaccine brought confidence in his mind. Kirti ji from Madurai wrote that many foreign friends wrote that the way India helped the world in the fight with Corona has increased India’s respect for them even more. The way the President of Brazil thanked India, how good it is for every Indian. India is able to serve the world in crisis because we are self-sufficient about medicines and vaccines. The more we become self-sufficient, the more we will be able to serve the world and humanity.

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21 Thousand Crores will be Saved from Fastag

In the same month, from January 18 to February 17, our country is celebrating Road Safety Month. Accidents are a matter of concern in the world, not in the country. Efforts are going on at the government and individual level with road safety in India. The border road organization that makes roads on which innovative slogans appear. Aparnaji of Kolkata told me about Fastag. He said that time remains, the problem of stopping and payment at the toll plaza is over. Earlier a carriage at the toll plaza took 7-8 minutes. Now it has taken 1-2 minutes. The countrymen are estimated to save about 21 thousand crores.

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The Country is Sad to see the Insult of the Tricolor

PM Modi said that this month, the cricket pitch also received very good news. After the initial troubles by our cricket team, Won the series in Australia, making a great comeback. Hard work and teamwork of our players is motivating. After this, referring to the violence of Delhi on 26 January, PM Modi said that amidst all this, in Delhi, on 26 January, the country is also very sad to see the insult of the tricolor.

Made in India Vaccine Embodies Self Reliant India

Referring to the Corona vaccination, Prime Minister Modi said that just as India’s fight against Corona has become an example, now, our vaccination program is also becoming an example in the world. Today India is running the world’s largest Kovid vaccine program.

The PM said that you know, what is even more proud? Along with the largest vaccine program, we are also vaccinating our citizens at the fastest speed in the world. In just 15 days, India has vaccinated more than 3 million of its corona warrior, while a rich country like America, in the same work, took 18 days and Britain 36 days. PM Modi said that friends, Made-in-India Vaccine is not only a symbol of India’s self-reliance, it is also a symbol of India’s self-reliance.

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