NSA Ajit Doval Took Stock of Violence Affected Areas, Said- Situation is Completely Under Control

NSA Ajit Doval Took Stock of Violence Affected Areas
  • National Security Advisor Ajit Doval visited areas like Zafarabad
  • Doval assured the student of safety, said – you be relaxed

NSA Ajit Doval: National Security Advisor Ajit Doval reached riot-affected areas on Wednesday afternoon after 4 days of violence in the country’s capital. He visited areas like Zafarabad. After the visit, a student reached there when Doval was talking to the media. The student questioned him sharply. He said- ‘Sir, this is our house and we are not safe in our house. I am a student and I am not able to read. Take some drastic steps. We believe in you. After listening to the entire talk of the student, Doval said- ‘I give you a tongue’. Earlier, a woman told Doval – if you did not come, then you would have failed.

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NSA Doval visited the riot-affected areas in Zafarabad. He told the media – I came to this area. Got it all. Went to the streets too. Also went to people’s homes. You guys were also together. There is a feeling of unity within the people. There is no enmity. Some two-ten-ten criminal do this kind of work. People are trying to separate them. People from both communities are together. The police is acting with impunity. It is the responsibility of the arrangement to keep everyone safe.

The Prime Minister and the Home Minister have sent us here. We want peace. Inshallah will be absolutely silent. My message is that every man who loves his country also loves his society. They should work with unity, sympathy and harmony with all people. Most of the bullets were fired in this locality. People have put flags of peace here. Now there is no violence anywhere.

The Woman Said – If You Do Not Come, Then The Heart Fails, Told Doval – Do Not Keep The Heart So Raw That it Fails

Earlier, Doval toured different areas. He told the passers-tell me if there is any trouble. All this force is engaged for your protection. He then met a woman. The woman pointed to a police officer and told Doval – Since these brothers have come, we are able to take a rest. Otherwise, our heart would fail. Doval said on this – no heart fails. Do not put such a raw heart that it fails. On this, the woman said- Now you have come. We do not have tension. Keep the feeling of love. NSA Ajit Doval.

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